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Well, we are back from a lovely trip to Lakewood, OH. The name of the town might indicate that it is near a lake. And surely a glance at a map or a rudimentary knowledge of geography (knowing it is a suburb of Cleveland) would have clued us in to the fact that we’d be on Lake Erie. img_0307.jpgHowever, somehow this never occurred to my husband or me, so we were tremendously pleasantly surprised to find our hosts’ house a mere 2 blocks from the vast lake. Like every other person who sees a Great Lake for the first time we both blurted out “you can’t see the other side!” It was really quite nice and our son loved playing in the water. Upon seeing the lake for the first time he said “Where all that big water come from?”  I didn’t know how to begin to answer that! Odd that for people from New Jersey his first trip to the beach this summer was in Ohio. Anyway, the Cleveland area had lots to offer and we really enjoyed it. Our hostess was thrilled with her tin o’ tomatoes and zucchini bread, too.

Then we came home. After staying at someone else’s house you always see your own home with new eyes, don’t you? In this case it meant realizing how messy we are. I’m still sticking with not picking the toys up every night, but perhaps a little more frequently. And I was compelled to mop our kitchen floor right away.


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