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Hot Diggedy Glue Gun!

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img_0879.jpgI can’t believe I’ve never used a glue gun before. I had my doubts about the effectiveness of a $1.99 one, but it worked really well and I’m quite excited about the lampshade I’m making for the baby’s room. I am not excited about the burn I got on my finger from it. This is my fourth “mishap” in a month (decoupage scissors in scalp, closing finger in car door leaving a pulpy bloody mess, falling down in a store and having a shopping cart almost land on me-and, by the way, totally HomeGoods’ fault, thanks a lot), so I really should have expected some sort of injury to come from what my husband described as “an iron with a stick of glue coming out of it.”

Anyway, on to the project!

Yesterday morning I went to FabricLand, a fantastic fabric store that’s been around for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately it is a good half hour from me. It is literally the nearest fabric store to me, and I live in the densely populated state of New Jersey; doesn’t that seem odd? I am not a big fan of giant chains, but come on. Would it kill them to put a Jo-Ann Fabrics in Flemington or Bridgewater or Somerville?? So I trekked off to FabricLand where, as usual, I got overexcited by the possibilities of various projects. (They have very beautiful upholstery and specialty fabrics there- I think lots of interior designers get fabric for custom coverings, plus people who actually sew clothes and wedding gowns and such buy fabrics there.) My goal was to find fabric for curtains for the baby’s room. I ended up choosing a Peter Rabbit fabric to use as a wide border at the bottom of muslin curtains. Then, I noticed little lampshades that are self adhesive. And little nightlights! (I bought one, but for another use. I don’t want the room too matchy-matchy.) I got a lampshade to cover with the Peter Rabbit fabric, and then set about looking at the trims. The trim and ribbon dept. of FabricLand is spectacular. I was hoping for some pom pom trim, but they didn’t have a color that would have suited my fabric. Instead, I bought a ruffle and then some bias tape (no gingham bias, alas).

The lamp was easily completed though, as I suspected, because it basically has a linear pattern, it ended up being diagonal on the shade. No matter, it’s still cute. The ruffle is a little bit cutesy/sweet, but I think overall it’s nice. img_0875.jpgOooh, I have it atop a white wood base, but wouldn’t it look nice atop a (faux) hobnail milkglass type lamp? I’ll keep my eye out for one.

Now, on to the curtains…


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. Don’t know what your feelings are about Wal-Mart( in Clinton), or Hell -Mart as Thatcher calls it, but their fabric and trim department is quite good. They have all sorts of crafty items too and a wide variety of glue guns. Today I went there to purchase supplies for Amy’s surprise shower. The theme is “Sea of Love”. I had great fun buying tulle in lovely sea-foam green and several shades of blue. I got ribbons, beading, and enough helium to fill 40 ballons so we can play “Groom in a Balloon”. Spoiler alert!!!!! No more info I want you to be surprised too.
    I love the lampshade!

  2. The lampshade looks so cute! You should be very pleased with this. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that you find the lamp base you’re talking about, because that would look awesome! (By the way, have you ever considered using Sobo instead of a glue gun? It won’t burn you… :P)

  3. I don’t want to be contentious Schnookie but Sobo to a glue gun is like an ultra-light airplane to a 747 Jet or a plastic knife to a electric carving knife or cheapie brand scotch tape to iron -man duct tape. Yes Sobo works for some projects, but say you are attaching 17 yards of hot pink nylon tulle to a person size white paper cone in order to make yourself a human candy cotton. Heres where a glue gun shines ( and in similar difficult sticking situations) and the danger of it getting you is just part of the thrill.
    Glue guns rule!

  4. I love your example! Why wouldn’t someone be attaching 17 yards of hot pink tulle to a paper cone?

  5. but say you are attaching 17 yards of hot pink nylon tulle to a person size white paper cone in order to make yourself a human candy cotton.

    But I’ve never had a problem in that situation with my Sobo! 😛 (TOO FUNNY!!)

    (And I’ll admit there are certainly times a glue gun is a good choice, but for small projects, especially fabric-on-fabric, Sobo is neater than a glue gun, requires no power source, and is less of a danger to the injury-prone. Not to keep beating a dead horse here… Sorry, Sarah. I’ll stop now!)

  6. So-Bo! So-Bo! So what? So… BO!!!

    Love your example, Aunt Marg. It’s almost as if you’ve perhaps got first-hand knowledge of such a situation!

    Sarah, I adore the lampshade! You’ve outdone yourself with it, I think! I also really like that the design is on a diagonal. It’s really dynamic and adds a certain modernity that really sets off the classic Peter Rabbit image.

  7. yea! My first blog comment (I’m so behind the times). anyhoo–wish you could find the gingham (remember, I too love gingham and RIC-RAC). I too agree about the glue gun, I am petrified of one–I’ll get to it soon.

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