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I haven’t been able to post as quickly as I’d like to about all that I’m seeing in my garden, so these are updates for the past several days.

First, tonight’s observation of the pond shows that the cattails are coming out! They have been quite tall and green for some time and now bursting right out of what looks like grass are these fuzzy cattails. Right now they are a pale yellow, but they will be turning a lovely dark brown. The deep purple iris continues to look great, as do the absolutely enormous hosta. I’m planning on dividing these things in the fall (I guess then??). Also, next to the big purple mass of iris are a few little yellow ones which I don’t remember planting at all. Garden fairies?

In the pond the water forget-me-nots are blooming. A very tiny flower, very delicate and pretty. They look like something you would draw!

The iris by the wrens’ birdhouse were beautiful and made such a pretty little glade, but they were completely ephemeral and all the petals are now wilted and gone.

Here is an extreme closeup of one of the peonies, so that you can see all the lovely pollen in there. My peonies are in full droopy bloom. A combination of heavy rains and a little heat has made them limp and droopy (despite supports).

On my front porch I decided to do lots of containers this year while I work on bulking up perennials in the ground. These gorgeous gerbera daisies were from the supermarket! They can wilt astonishingly, just bend completely over. A big drink of water and they are magically completely upright again. Clark was fascinated by that.

And speaking of fascinating nature projects…we stuck a couple caterpillars in a jar and much to my amazement we actually had one build a cocoon!! I cannot wait to see if a butterfly (I believe more likely a gypsy moth) will emerge.

And here’s the best for last–the roses are blooming! I was a little surprised because it seems early (and I have to say they seem almost a little dried up), but what a welcome surprise. A deep red climbing over the top of this trelling into our backyard. There are lots of buds and when I stepped outside yesterday morning I could smell them. It felt like summer!

Standing beneath the roses and looking up you will see that last year we had some industrious, but foolish, birds build a nest here. They actually did have baby birds in the nest but I didn’t think it was the best location. Sure the thorns keep predators away and the height is good, but once all the rose petals fell off the poor baby birds were so exposed! Every time I saw the hot sun beating down on it I felt so badly for them. So far this year it appears no one is taking up residence in the nest.


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. What a beautiful, beautiful garden! I have the purple iris as well – didn’t take any pictures of them, as they are in the midst of a jungle… 😉 Love your caterpillar jar – Ronja would be so excited about that!

  2. Margaret Simpson

    I love your garden pictures Sarah! I like to “climb inside” the flowers too. They are so completely gorgeous, the color of that peony, the pink and yellow is wonderful. I must say I am not as happy to see those stinkin gypsy caterpillars. They are decimating my minerature rose bush. I pick them off everything as much as possible and plop them in a jar of soapy water. How disgusting when full! Hope says as she picks up a caterpillar “Grandma let me put this in the dead guys jar!”

  3. Thank you! I am reminded suddenly that I used to have miniature roses by our front steps and now I no longer do. I wonder what happened to them??
    The jar of dead caterpillars sounds revolting!
    Astrid-thank you!


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