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Strawberries & Mint

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We grow a lot of mint at our house.  Our mint comes from a bunch taken from my mom’s house, which was taken from our old house, which was taken from my grandmother’s house.  Clearly mint is the world’s easiest thing to grow and, not coincidentally, hard to get rid of! Some might call it a weed, but I love it. I like it that if someone walks through it you can smell it, plus it’s pretty. Our mint is somewhat fuzzy.  We use our mint in all of our iced tea.  A special treat is mint sherbet.

It’s a weird little recipe:

Pour 1 c boiling water over 12 sprigs mint. (12 sprigs? what is that? mom and I cannot quite decide so interpret as you wish. I usually count 2-4 leaves as a “sprig”) Let it cool.  Boil 1 c cold water with 1 Tbsp cornstarch. Boil for 5 minutes, then let cool.

Beat 3  egg whites until stiff. Beat in 1 dc sugar.  Add 3 Tbsp lemon juice, then the cornstarch mixture and minty water. And don’t forget the green food dye to tint it a nice minty green!  Pour it into a shallow pan and freeze. Then beat it. Then freeze it again.

This batch turned out rather dry and crumbly, but still was great tasting.  Some might say it is an acquired taste, after all it’s not peppermint.  I think it’s very refreshing.  It’s also nice with strawberries.  Next time I make it I’m going to try pouring the mixture right into my ice cream maker.

Today the temperature was in the 90s and it was humid, but I didn’t want to miss out on our pick-your-own at the farm this week–1 quart of strawberries.  It was well worth it and Clark enjoyed picking them.  The berries were huge and when we got back in the car they smelled heavenly as they were so warm.  They tasted amazing, too, all warm and sweet.

We went right home and made strawberry popsicles. Yum!


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. We don’t have mint in the garden, but your recipe sounds deliciously refreshing – especially with the warm weather we have been having here! Strawberry popsicles – yummy!

  2. I feel so refreshed just LOOKING at all these wonderful frozen treats!


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