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  1. That pavlova looks soo good. Especially with the peaches and blueberries. yum.

    Your pickles look great. I wouldn’t worry about the air bubbles. They won’t spoil.

    I’m with you on the whole pressure cooker canning process. It’s too daunting to try. But if you like pickled beets, those are water canning fare. Or you could freeze both the beets and the carrots (if you have too many and are looking for something to do with them before they go bad.)

  2. Thanks Cindy! I did decide to just freeze the beets and carrots. And make carrot muffins and freeze them. The beets are really delicious, and I think they’ll actually last in the fridge quite a while.

  3. Margaret Simpson

    Sarah when you are processing something you should not be boiling the water ahead of time to put the product in. The water should be very hot in the kettle. Once you have all your jars in, then kick up the heat to get it boiling. As you know don’t start timing until you have a full boil. It does take a long time, but it is not good to put in your full jars at a full boil. Re air bubbles, you will get tiny ones sometime but I have never had them make anything spoil. If there is a pickling solution involved usually not much air can get trapped. Are you using a plastic knife to release the bubbles? Best and safest.
    Your pavlova looks beautiful and delicious.

  4. well now I feel better about my hot water! I did indeed use plastic to release the bubbles, per the Ball instructions. I’m excited to try my hand at some other things and owe my inspiration to you!

  5. OK, I got as far as the pavlova before I started drooling! My G.. that looks heavenly! your pickles look fantastic too and did I hear you mention peach chutney? It sounds like you are very much the magician in the kitchen… Wonderful! 🙂


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