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Happy 1st Birthday, Tabitha!

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Our darling Tabitha turned one yesterday. One! No longer a wee baby. I’d say I just can’t believe it but the fact is it is almost hard to remember what it was like before she was here. It seems she’s always been a part of our lives.  She is such a sweet good natured baby and we just love her so so much.  To celebrate we had a small birthday brunch.  Brunch is a favorite meal that seems to happen infrequently, plus it goes well with in between her nap times.  The menu: sausage jalapeno bread pudding, cinnamon filled scones, cranberry orange muffins, sausage & bacon, and broccoli-cheddar quiche.

The cake : I used a recipe that I’ve used for other birthday cakes. It’s a tad semi-homemade, but super delicious and has a really great texture.  It involves a cake mix plus cream cheese.  The frosting was a strawberry cream cheese frosting. Because the sides of my cake looked so good I decided to only frost the top.  THe decorations were flowers growing up the sides of the cake to the top. Sweet and just right for a little girl. The birthday girl enjoyed it and also wore her birthday crown, which I made a felt and sequins.

And here she is on her real birthday, yesterday:


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  1. Happy Birthday, Tabitha!!! I can’t believe she’s one already! These pictures are gorgeous (of course — how could they not be, considering the subject?) and it sounds like a marvelous celebration!

  2. Happy Birthday to Tabitha!!! She looks all of one and so happy to be eating brunch! She’s a cutie pie!

  3. Happy Birthday, Tabitha! I can’t believe it’s been a year!

  4. Ohhhh – I’m late, but I hope Tabitha had a wonderful birthday! I just love that hair, and what a beautiful cake you made her! 🙂


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