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It pains me how much I have NOT been writing the past month or more. It’s almost as if with the garden and fall winding down I’ve just petered out. I suppose we all go through lulls of things, though.  I’m inclined to say I haven’t done a domestic thing at all lately, but that’s not true. I made delicious pumpkin bread with dates in it and as always, after baking with dates I wonder why I don’t use them more often because they are delicious.  I made some wrapping paper for Christmas by making potato stamps and stamping some plain paper.  I ordered a copy of Ottobre on eBay, so hopefully I really will try my hand more at sewing.


I went away last weekend and two things happened: all the leaves came entirely off the trees (except the Japanese Maple, which looks like it is on fire) and Tabitha started walking.  To be fair she was suddenly doing 4 or 5 steps in a row already so it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen it all, but now she’s going all over the places and fairly confidently walking.


We continue to be fascinated by our chickens and eagerly check each day to see if they’ve laid an egg yet. I fear with the timing of the year that maybe they won’t even start laying until the spring, but I hold out hope that they will do so now and on their own (without me having to put a light on in their coop.)  Tabitha has had her finger nibbled by one and the chickens seem to have taken to me right away and happily eat out of my hand. They’re not so sure about Paul, yet. We love to watch them go in and out of their coop:


I’ve also just been taking boatloads of pictures of the kids lately and not so much the nature around me, which also accounts for fewer posts.  So I’ll just finish up here with a couple of kid pics:


Clark feeds the chickens:



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