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This afternoon I went outside and gathered some pinecones so that Clark and I could decorate them with glitter. This was his first glittering experience (though I think he may have done some at school, where I suspect he was not really allowed to get as gluey and glittery as he did here.) As you might expect we have glitter everywhere and my modpodge (why wasn’t I using Elmers?!?!) will never be used for decoupage again.


He was having so much fun, though, that it was totally ok and now we have some glitterific Christmas decorations.  It occurred to me that one of the pinecones I took off the tree may very well have been the wee baby pinecone I photographed back in May!


So,this afternoon I tackled a project that is always ongoing in theory, but usually happens once or twice a year, and this managing all my recipe clippings.  I finally got myself to tear recipes out (of all except Everyday Food, which somehow I can’t bear to not have intact) and recycle the magazines. But then what to do with all those recipes? I do have a lovely recipe box, but I also have a big three ring binder. Into the binder the recipes go-taped onto a sheet of paper, and slipped into those plastic sheet protectors so that papers can go into three ring binders. Is this practical? I don’t know. I felt a fool while doing it. I mean, how many thousands of clippings will I have in ten years? And how many of those recipes do I even make?? A wee wee fraction, I tell you. Should I only keep the ones I love and put them in my box? Should I do something all online? Or should I say why the hell not? and just keep it up.  I love my the recipes and clippings my husband kept from his mother. Looking through them is a little slice of socio-economic history. I like to imagine in fifty years one of my kids looking through and saying “oh wow, I loved this” or “ew, did you actually make ham balls in barbecue sauce?” (for the record, no, but I was so intrigued/grossed out by the name of this that I just had to keep it) I do wonder what other recipe clippers do….


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. You blew my mind about the pinecone being the same one you photographed! I wonder if back then it dreamed big dreams of being turned into a cherished family heirloom ornament? I hope so!

    I don’t know what to tell you about the recipe clippings, but I can say that I use plastic sheet protectors and binders to organize all my stitching charts, which is kind of similar. I’m finding it’s working really, really well.

  2. Sarah, I love, love, love these pictures. Seriously, you take the BEST pictures of Clark making a mess. There is such simple, childhood joy in all of them! And the detail shot of the pinecone has totally taken me back to my own childhood! MARVELOUS! 😀

    I have the same problem you do with the recipes (although less with the ham balls in barbecue sauce. Maybe we should both make that and bring them to our next game night to compare and contrast!). I have a WONDERFUL binder that someone made for me (hee hee!), and I’ve made a modest effort at clipping things and putting them in sheet protectors, but for the most part, I just keep looking recipes up online and then printing them. And then not putting the printouts in my binder. I’m terrible. I’m probably not the person to be offering advice about this. 😀

    • Thanks! I have tucked the glittery pinecones into some greenery and they look quite fetching. Re: recipes, ironically while I was going through the clippings I came across one for a cranberry walnut tart and said “Oh, pfft! I’m never going to make this” and threw it away. Then today I was reviewing last Christmastime’s posts and apparently I made that cranberry walnut tart for Christmas dinner last year and it was delicious. So I should have kept the recipe. (Though last year I thoughtfully provided a link.)


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