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Yesterday we had snow and then rain and then ice. Today was ice, sun, melting ice.  All this amounted to a beautiful crystal wonderland. Every little branch and twig was encased in ice.  I thought it was pretty yesterday, but seeing the sun shining brightly on everything today, turning the trees into a forest of twinkly glass was just incredible.  I know my photos won’t do them justice, but here they are:




We also pulled out a sled and Clark went sledding down our tiny hill for the first time. Tabitha enjoyed being pulled around in it as well.




I mucked out our chicken coop today and took all the hay and chicken poop and put it on our garden beds, thinking it could do a little magical work over the winter. But then the dog stood there and delicately ate all the poop out of it. Ew.


We’ve been getting eggs pretty regularly now and today I made a big omelet with 6 of our hens eggs.  It was delicious. No, I didn’t eat it myself.  I had three girlfriends over for brunch and our annual Christmas present giving.  We adore giving each other gifts and look forward to this so much every year.  Everyone was very pleased with her gifts and wrappings and it was most fun. (One of the gifts I gave was a set of notecards made with one of the extreme peony close ups I took this summer. I just used Snapfish and the cards turned out gorgeously, if I say so myself.)  So anyway this morning when I looked in the coop it appeared that the early morning layer had not gotten off the perch and into the nesting box in time as there was a big splat of a broken egg right in the middle of the coop under the perch.  That’s what prompted the mucking out, but when I went back there were no longer any egg remains. C ould they have eaten it?!!??

We’re pretty excited here for Christmas, what with all our decorations, Clark’s performance in his first Christmas pageant, fires roaring merrily, lots of music playing. I’ve not done much menu planning, astonishingly.  It will just be the four of us for Christmas Day dinner, so we are thinking of buying some lovely seafood already prepared.  Speaking of music, check out Paul’s blog where he posted about his favorite and least favorite Christmas music and I added my own comments to it.


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  1. Aw, that looks like so much fun – they must have had a terrific time! 😉


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