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  1. Wow! Those taters are out of control – they look so cool! I grew potatoes for the first time this past year and they were so awesome. I had a few kinds, and some did better than others, but I also planted WAY too many and didn’t get to all of them before it was too late in the season. I’m a big fan of the red skin potatoes, so I’m definitely going to plant some of those again this year.

  2. Eekkk… that is a horror show. I just had to comment on your squirrel and his gingerbread house – very cute. I had a lovely display this fall on the front steps of my new house – a scarecrow, a bale of hay, and 3 pumpkins. One morning I found one of the pumpkins had been eviscerated – pumpkin guts everywhere. The other 2 only lasted about another day. We have PSYCHOTIC squirrels in my neighborhood that ate EVERYONE’s pumpkins. I was horrified. No such thing ever happened to our pumpkins in NY. Is this a new phenomenon or are the Jersey squirrels pumpkin killers too? (Yours are probably not since you feed them yummy gingerbread houses.)

  3. Psychotic squirrels eviscerating pumpkins!! That’s nutty. I’ve never had that happen either. Our squirrels mostly feast on our birdfeeders.

  4. HAHAHAHA! Those potatoes are awesome! I kept our farm potatoes in a paper bag in the pantry, and figured they were probably still fine… Then, when I went to make dinner with them and opened the bag, it was like your horror movie, only without any light, so the sprouts were all white. And in the shape of the inside of the paper bag. It was pretty awesome, despite derailing our dinner plans. Heh.

    That’s so cute that you fed the gingerbread house to the squirrels! I can second Kathleen’s tale of psychotic squirrels, too — they do that to the pumpkins at Maple Hoo.


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