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Seersucker Dress

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I finished a dress for Tabitha!! I’m so proud of this one. I think it really came out nicely.  The story behind this garment is that I bought this fabric and pattern when Clark was a baby with the intention of making him the romper.  Well, I never did, but happily I knew the fabric would be nice on Tabitha as well and I could make the dress version of it. This pattern, by the way, is a “Kwik Sew.”  Kwik, my ass! I suppose an accomplished sewer would have no trouble with this rather simple looking dress (it has a facing inside), but I found the instructions and pictures confusing.  Many thanks to Mom for helping me 1. decipher the pattern 2. adjust my thread tension so my thread would quit breaking and 3. advise me to stop sewing tiny seams and start using a bigger seam allowance.  This pattern calls for matching bloomers to be made but when I laid out my pieces I discovered that I had 1 yard of fabric–just right when I was going to make a romper for a baby, but not enough for the dress style for an 18 month old.  That’s ok, I bought some solid pants to wear under it, it will look cute with jeans, and I may cobble together those matching bloomers after all.

The ruffle is what pleases me most.  It started out as about a four foot long piece of fabric, got folded in half lengthwise and then gathering stitches were sewed the whole length. Then I tediously squinched it all up and fussed with it until it was even.



I used snaps rather than buttons for the back because I am not accomplished at buttonholes and I didn’t want to mess up my finished product.


I love the color on her and she was delighted to try it on right away.  (That is why she just has a diaper on so it looks a bit funny. I feel like I need to explain that the style is meant to swoop up in the back like that, when worn with something underneath it’s adorable.)



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  1. It looks fantastic! Congratulations on a fabulous finished product!

  2. Thank you!

  3. Nicely done! I love it – I think it will look mega cute with jeans (or jean shorts or whatever, really)!

  4. This SO needs a pair or coordinating diaper-covering-underpants with ruffles on the back!! How cute would it be to do the underpants in the same fabric and a couuple ruffles in a coordinating color!
    I do feel obligated to state for the record that I think this would be an absolutely adorable outfit but I cannot gaurentee T will think so when she grows up and sees the pictures.

  5. oopse….busted. I didn’t read your post through. You mentioned bloomers.


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