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Picnic Dress

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I just sewed another dress! Same pattern, but with wider straps, no pocket, and a ruffle on the bottom.  I’m pleased to report that this time around I learned from some of my first mistakes and did them correctly.  Unfortunately I was feeling quite skilled with ruffles and gathers and ended up having trouble with this one.  I think it looks darling though and Tabitha will debut it at Clark’s birthday party, or possibly a 4th of July party tomorrow.  Also, this time around I completed it in two sittings!


A closeup of the fabric.  This time I used a nice knit.  The picnic pattern is charming, though the bottle of wine leads me to believe this probably wasn’t originally intended as a children’s print!


(I have many garden and chicken updates, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.  But first, this big update: Mrs. Hen lives on! Not only that, today she managed to lay an egg and unstop herself.  I actually saw her in the nesting box and it appeared she definitely had to work to get it out, but she did and is quite chipper. Hooray! I was so happy I gave her a big kiss and she returned the gesture by pooping on my blouse.)

Update: here is trying on the dress (I was astonished by the giant armholes since this was a size smaller!):




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