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Hot, Wet, Hot, Wet

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Seems everyone is having weather woes, and here in New Jersey it’s been torrential rains, revolting humidity, and freak tornadoes and storms.  We were lucky to have just one tree down in our yard (and not a beloved tree), but many of our neighbors had full mature trees uprooted.  It’s been quite spectacular driving around and seeing it all.  The upside of our fallen tree is that it has become, of course, a piece of playground equipment for us! We’ve all had so much fun walking up and down it that we want to make a little obstacle course for the kids.  Every time the kids play in our yard like this (hitting sticks against a tree, for example) and they look a bit grubby I feel like they are Appalachian kids and we now have an Appalachian playground.



Our corn got knocked down again yesterday.  It must be very frustrating being a corn farmer! Paul thinks that their corn grows closer together so it doesn’t tip over so easily as ours. I’m hoping we’ll be able to eat some corn soon.  In the meantime we just picked a bunch of lovely tomatoes. (and update: for dinner I cooked a couple with basil, garlic, zucchini, and had it with pasta.)

The day’s haul:


The brown hens are all laying now, which means we are getting maximum egg output: 9 eggs a day! (two of those eggs go to my friend who actually owns two of the brown hens).  As I’ve mentioned the comets’ eggs are small and dark brown, but they are getting larger.  Today two of their eggs were the size of the black hens’!

Last night I stepped outside and felt something wet on my shirt. My immediate reaction was, “SLUG!” and then I thought “that’s a stupid thing to think-how would a slug get up on your shirt? why not think just wet spot from hand washing or a booger from a kid (which is also gross, but more likely)?”  I looked down and apparently my instincts were spot on because it was a teeny tiny slug.


Nothing has made me feel quite so old-fashioned/housewifey/homesteady as this: this week we began line drying our clothes. I’ve wanted to for a while since I read constantly about how the electric clothes dryer really uses so much electricity.  I couldn’t figure out a good place for a clothesline, though.  A broken fan belt of the dryer force me into action.  With two wet loads of mildewing laundry I had to go out to Home Depot and buy a clothespole (and my request for one seemed to cause a lot of confusion-is it really such an odd thing??).  I was delighted with the results.  The clothes dried way faster than I would have thought and I got three loads dried and folded before we had yet another storm that made everything soggy and wet and knocked the pole over.  With pole repaired I headed out again today.  It’s definitely not a speedy process but there was something inantely soothing about hanging each piece of clothing (and strategically arranging the underwear on the inside lines so no one sees it, as well as distributing the weight evenly) just so.  I have to say I’m enjoying it.

Went to the beach yesterday:

kate 044

Tonight Pippin was barking and barking and it turns out it was at this lovely large Toad:


Great summer days!


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. Oh, I’m jealous of your line-drying! I considered it a lot after we moved here because some folks a few houses down have a big clothesline set-up, but inertia struck.

  2. I think Paul may be on to something with the corn! I’ve had a few knocked over this year (but not broken) and last year we had a big storm just as the corn was ripening and almost all of it got broken (and never fully ripened). Next year I’ll plant it closer together!

  3. Margaret Simpson

    Yes Sarah I agree theres something very soothing and satisfying about hanging up the clothes. In St. Croix I almost never use the dryer and things dry and whiten so quickly, I love it. Henry, our manager there says “thats right you’re like the island women” which I take as a high compliment.


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