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Birds, Pumpkins, and Front Loaders, Oh My!

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We had a very nice Columbus Day weekend, with lots of highlights.  It began when I went out to collect the eggs a few days ago. I opened the rear door to the nesting boxes and there was a hen standing in one.  I noticed that her vent was protruding and I realized she was going to lay her egg soon. I figured it would be like having a baby–seems like it’s going to happen any second, but it really takes a while–but I watched her pulse a few time and I saw the egg actually come out!!! In all my years of being around chickens I never actually saw an egg come out of a bird before.  It pretty much looked like you might expect. I’m sure most people will be pleased I don’t have a photo to accompany this section 🙂

On Friday morning  there was exciting activity across the street from us. We live on a narrow road and directly across from our house there is what we call the “pull out”, because it’s like the road veers off and ends, providing a convenient parking area. Dump trucks started showing up and dumping out giant loads of gravel, big pipes and fire hydrants were placed at the edge, and a front loader was parked.  Having a front row seat to this has proven vastly entertaining to both children. And, after they were all done (telling us they’d be back on Monday to start work) we let Clark bring his trucks over and play, climb the mountain of gravel, and sit on the front loader.



Promptly at 7am on Columbus Day they began their work, which is installing city water on our street (due to some fascinating contaminated water years ago from some building settlement. Our well is not affected and we are opting out of the city water.) Apparently we will be getting a fire hydrant in our front yard, too.  All day long they dump more gravel and then the front loader brings scoopfuls of it down the road to fill in where they’ve dug up the road for the pipe.


On Sunday we had our annual pumpkin picking out at Norz Hill Farm.  We love going there, especially taking the kids’ pictures in front of the “How Tall This Fall?” painted wood sign.  We have pictures of Clark for four years in a row in front of it.  I’d heard reports of pumpkin crops suffering due to this summer’s weather and it turned out to be quite true. In years past the sight of the fields filled with brilliantly colored pumpkins and gourds was quite breathtaking.  This year it felt like there were slim pickings.  We did get a couple pumpkins and a few gourds, though, and of course the fun is in the whole outing-the hay ride, the hay maze, the lovely autumn day. It is definitely one of my favorite autumn activities.


Out in the field there arestill pumpkin blossoms for fat bumblebees to stuff themselves into.  I was very pleased with this pictures–I basically stuck my camera lens into the blossom.


When we got home we arranged all our pumpkins and things on the front porch with the mums.  I noticed my dahlias are still going strong and I think they are such striking flowers.  Tabitha beheaded a couple.



While we were sitting on the porch admiring everything we noticed a little sparrow flying in and out of the birdhouse. It’s mate was sitting on the branch next to it and they were very noisy.  Could they be building a nest? Or just looking for a nice place to stay? We were just charmed by them.  Check out the cute birdie and she peeks out and then launches off.






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  1. Look at that birdie go!


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