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Happy Halloween!

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This was the most fun Halloween we’ve had in years! At 4 this was the year that Clark not only embraced his costume, but also was thrilled by the trick or treating (last year we did about 5 houses and that was it, though he did love his costume) At 2, having an older sibling, Tabby was also excited by it. She also has a monstrous sweet tooth and was nutty about the candy.  And of course, since it’s a Saturday and Paul was actually off of work, the whole day was a fun holiday.

We all painted masks:





Ate loads of cookies that we baked and decorated yesterday:


At nursery school Clark has been gearing up for Halloween big time.  Crafts and songs and stories, all culminating in the Halloween parade and party on Thursday.

Bat made with hands:




We don’t decorate too much around the house, except for a string of spider lights.


And of course we’ve had some pumpkins and gourds about for a while now:


And now, the main event: trick or treating.

In our little village Halloween is a huge event.  We’ve only lived here 6 years, but my friend who’s grown up here assures me it’s always been a big deal and in recent years has really exploded.  It’s somewhat inexplicable, but it’s absolutely delightful and we’re happy to be a part of it. In the village center of 3 streets  hundreds of people wander the streets trick or treating.  Grown-up dress up just as much as kids (I’m thinking that next year we might; my favorite grown up costumes this year were Paul Stanley and Luke Skywalker with Yoda attached to his back ) and many of the houses have lavish decorations.  One of my favorites is this tree with a headless horseman.  What’s so awesome about it is that this house was sold 2 years ago and the new owners continued to create this decoration:


This picture is a bit blurry, but I include it so you can see that the tree itself looks like a horse:




Here we are ready to walk down to town (note: it was a bit rainy now and then, a very damp walking around.) Clark requested a pink and purple Tyrannosaurus Rex costume and Tabby was a cow (Clark’s costume from 2 years ago, but I made a new hat with more authentic ears)  I sewed the main part based on last year’s giraffe costume and Paul masterfully made the headpiece.  He really loved wearing it and roaring.



On the way we stopped in at Walter’s (the feed and seed) and he had a wonderful “treat” for us: his pig, Cheyenne, had her babies! They are 3 weeks old and were possibly some of the cutest baby animals I’ve ever seen. They were like puppies. None of my pictures came out very well, so a word picture instead: they are all black, have floppy triangular ears, little round behinds, and little tails with just a slight curl at the end. Their mother is humongous.  Seriously large.

On to the houses and the candies.  Clark was not at all hesitant about marching right up to the doors all by himself and nicely saying “trick or treat”, “thank you”, “Happy Halloween!”.  Tabby couldn’t bring herself to say anything, but was quite happy to help herself to the candy.





Lots of fun, lots of nice town spirit, lots of really good candy.


Happy Halloween!



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  1. I *love* that your village celebrates Halloween this way! It’s like something out of a movie. So cool!

  2. That headless horseman is intense!

    Happy Halloween to you guys! The kids’ costumes look great!

  3. It is indeed very Pleasantville-like. Last year a couple stopped us and asked what was going on. They had just come into to town to get a pizza and they said they felt like they’d wandered onto a movie set.
    Thanks Pookie!


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