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Yesterday I had a wonderful sewing day.  Everyone very kindly let me just keep working on my projects. It helped that I had cut out pieces the previous day for some of them.  And with all my working at my own stuff, Paul was still able to paint the front of our garage! Between that, the new driveway, and some new fencing around the garbage can, our outside is looking as nice as we imagined it for the past few years.  So what did I sew? Aprons, aprons, aprons!


“The Waverly.”  This is a pattern I have made before for my friend Melissa’s birthday. I’ve had fabric set aside for this for some time and I’m pleased with the way it turned out. Sort of frilly and flouncy with the scalloped bottom and plenty of gathers, but also crisp and elegant, with the white binding.





This cherry fabric I purchased at least four years ago and have only just now gotten around to turning into an apron.  I loved the cherry border that is printed on this fabric.  This border went along both side of yardage.  I cut it right in half and then used more of the leftover side to make the waistband and ties.  I was very pleased to make the waistband and ties based on the other aprons I had made.  I really feel like you can learn some good sewing skills with these projects! Once you get down the construction of main piece + any pockets + waistband + ties, you can really play with embellishments, bindings, and so on.



I am going to use the leftover fabric to make a Tabitha sized apron for her for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas…I’ll be making at least two Christmas aprons this year.  Here’s the first.  I used the “Psychedelic Squares” pattern (from A is for Apron)  I bought this fabric specifically for aprons for baking Christmas cookies, so I was definitely going for a red/green and fun pattern scheme.  I like the ric-rac on the pocket, too.



I have pieces cut out for another one and ideas for a couple more to make as well.   When I bought that cherry fabric I also bought some gorgeous bluebird fabric with the intent of making a full apron (covers top as well as bottom), so maybe I’ll try my hand at that as well. But first up, a belated birthday present, another Christmas apron, and another gift apron (or two..).  I think one of the reasons I felt motivated to get started on this yesterday is that Halloween is done, it’s officially November, and while not Christmas season yet, it’s almost here and it’s certainly time to think of Thanksgiving and decorations and time to get going on handmade gifts.

Now, I’ve got to start whipping up cocktails and party nuts to go along with my little aprons 🙂


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. These aprons look fantastic! I think the blue and white one is my favorite. I’m also totally in the “OK, Halloween is over, it’s now the Christmas Season!” frame of mind, so I’m also all over a special apron for Christmas cookies! What a great idea! (Also, that black outfit is supercute!)

  2. Thank you! I love the blue and white one too and would like to make it many other fabrics. It’s really quite a simple pattern. I’m wondering how a pocket would work out on it? I love that blue and white fabric and bought it on clearance. Wish I could find more of that pattern.


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