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Annual Christmas Cookie Party

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I think is the 4th year we’ve had our Christmas party and I hope it is a tradition we keep up, because it is loads of fun.  Everyone brings a batch of homemade cookies, we all hang out and eat and drink, and then everyone votes for their favorite cookie.  I was excited about the prizes this year because they were things I sewed.  All the cookies were delicious and first and second place were actually a tie.  I contributed pinwheels, chocolate mosaics, ginger squares, jam thumbprints, and cinnamon sugar sticks.  (Another thing that made the party so nice was that the day of I did no baking as I’d done it all ahead of time. It was “just” cleaning up the house and doing party primping.)  The other cookies brought were:

iced pumpkin cookies, pistachio cherry cookies, chocolate peppermint sandwich cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate cherry cookies, ginger chocolate chip bars, a cranberry-pecan-chocolate rice krispie balls.

It is a little shocking I don’t have more close ups of every individual cookie. But bear in mind I was also being a hostess, eating the cookies myself, and having issues with indoor lighting.  And ultimately, more fun to have a glass of prosecco, a handful of cookies, and catch up with friends, than to get just the right shot.

First prize goes to…the chocolate cherry cookies.  A very rich, chocolatey cookie.  Here is ML modeling the Christmas apron:

Second prize (it was really a tie but she was angling for this prize so it all worked out)goes to…the cranberry-pecan-chocolate rice krispie balls, made by Jen! Here she is with the lovely Christmas potholders.  She made up the recipe for these treats, which were delightful.  One could easily gobble up a half a dozen without thinking.

These are the first potholders I have ever made and I’m quite pleased with them.  I wasn’t sure how to do the little loop (and frankly, had I bothered to walk into the kitchen and take a look at my potholders I could have figured it out, but I was lazy, and there you have it), so that’s the only part I’m not so pleased with.  I had fun stitching the layers together just freeform  with the machine, and also doing the tree applique.

So far this year my favorite treat has been the Ginger Squares.  I made them for a party a few weeks ago, then again for my own party. They are absolutely fantastic.  A thin layer of spicy gingerbread with a streusel topping that is literally twice as thick as the bottom.  And lots of crystallized ginger.  The recipe is from King Arthur Flour and can be found here.

And good thing the party was this past weekend because guess what? My stove died in the midst of dinner prep on Monday night! And the repairman isn’t coming until Friday!


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