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There is no end to the number of cool crafts you can do at Christmas time and of course the more blogs I look at, the more I see.  I saw this the other day on Little Birdie Secrets and thought oh what a good idea,and who knew you could get flour sack dishtowels at Wal-mart? I am not often there so thought this idea would have to wait until after Christmas.  However, an evening out, we happened to be near one, the big snow was coming, and we needed to buy snow boots for the boy. I picked up the five pack and last night commenced decorating.

I’m delighted with these. I copied the idea of the simple triangle tree, and then just zig zag appliqued them on. I happened to have some homemade bias tape that matched one of the greens I used, so I added that as a trim.  (I would have use some rickrack as well, but I am hoarding my red and green rickrack for an apron for myself., and believe it or not it is not the easiest thing for me to get ahold of.) I now have either cute towels for myself or easy gifts to give anyone (I made Aunt Debbie Candy for Clark’s teachers, otherwise I would probably give them to them.  Whoa-just looked up that link and see that on the same exact date-December 21, two years ago-I also made Aunt Debbie Candy!!)

Also yesterday I whipped up another pincushion.  I didn’t have any egg cups to use, but I picked up this nice ramekin at the store and thought it was a pleasing shape.  I was even more pleased when I saw how nice the fabric I chose looked with it.

And finally (yes, this was all yesterday afternoon/evening, and then a little bit today-thank you snow!) I made Tabby her snowflake Christmas dress.  Same pattern as the Thanksgiving dress (a really practical jumper), though I swear the armholes are bigger this time.  I will consider next time making the facing a different fabric-having it be two layers of embellished corduroy made it a little bit bulky. No close up pics yet, but here she is immediately wearing it.  Could there be a higher compliment than me showing it to her and having her say “ON!” and start taking off her other clothes? (Obviously she will wear this with a shirt under it and some tights on.)

And finally,  a picture of the first apron I made.  I made this a few years ago, from a pattern, for my friend Mary Lynn.  Looking at it now (she brought it by for some repairs) I see that I did a terrible job! Holy cow, is it awful.  However, the fabrics are beautiful, the orange piping is a nice touch, and I love the applique flower that I hand appliqued using wool needlepoint thread.

This spirograph fabric is awesome. If I ever see it again I will definitely get some more.

And what of the Christmas baking? Well, my stove died a week ago. It is not going to be fixed until Wednesday afternoon (aka Christmas Eve Eve).  Good thing we have loads of cookies in the freezer, but it’s definitely cutting it close in terms of making things for Christmas Eve, as well as making sticky buns for Christmas breakfast (I prefer to make them ahead of time and freeze them.) Surprisingly, though, we haven’t been too inconvenienced.  The first thing I did was go out and buy a fabulous electric tea kettle so that we could keep having proper tea.  Then I realized just how many other cooking appliances we have beyond the microwave and toaster oven: crock pot, waffle iron, George Foreman grill, rice cooker, deep fryer, and steamer.  I had forgotten about the steamer until last night, which was too bad because I would have liked steaming my vegetables instead of just microwaving or having salads.  And we have not deep fried, or had waffles, or even used the crock pot yet.  I swear, we practically don’t need a stove! (Not really, I’d like to make a roast for Christmas and a tiny toaster oven is not big enough to bake anything bigger than a mini loaf pan.)  It’s become a little creative adventure seeing what we can make without it! (Disclaimer: we went out to dinner once and lunch twice. 🙂


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  1. You’re on crafting FIRE! I love the towels and especially love the snowflake dress. Fantastic work!

    You mention that it’s tough to fine ric rac — did you know that Fat Quarter Shop sells it? I found this out recently and was immediately like, “Where can I use ric rac? I love this!”

  2. I can actually get ric rac at the Walmart, but as you know I am lazy about going over there. Ditto with Fabricland. And as to where can you use it? EVERYWHERE!!! I feel like immediately charms up anything.

  3. Ric rac really does make the whole world cuter. Maybe my quilts all need some…


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