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Treasures of Our Own (+ a little spring)

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This morning I looked out Clark’s window and was delighted to see the beginnings of the true bright greens and yellows of spring:

And just tonight I heard peepers again (a beautiful beautiful sound) as well as caterwauling foxes (a creepy spooky unpleasant sound.)  This weekend I filled some planters with primroses and pansies–

and this morning the first tulip bloomed.  Before everyone gets all excited this particular tulip blooms consistently ridiculously early.  I mean, not even half the daffodils have bloomed yet and most of my tulips don’t even have buds yet.

Remember a few weeks the treasure trove of things at Paul’s cousin’s house? Well this afternoon I took the kids over to my mom’s house and we had fun going through our very own treasure trove.  This chest belonged to my grandfather:

In it are all kinds of wonderful very old things that had once belonged to long ago relatives–including some kind of creepy and icky furs with faces on them-ugh!!  The fascinating wire thing in the back is a hoop skirt.

A lovely painted ivory fan:

A lovely feathered fan:

This box is fascinating:

According to my mother these pieces were used during Prohibition to exchange for drinks. What a delightful and scandalous piece of American history for my family to partake in!

I’m so glad that someone thought to save these things, (though I’m almost surprised there aren’t more because in my head people didn’t throw things away a hundred years ago.)  I’m so charmed by the silk and lace parasols and I can’t imagine fifty or a hundred years from now anyone being charmed by a nylon and metal umbrella of mine.

Finally, check out these little felted animals my mom made.  All of their limbs move and I’m so impressed by the armadillo folds.


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  1. Wow, so many cool things! And that view from your son’s room – WOW!!


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