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Easter Dinner

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How delightful that this year for Easter my brother and his family were able to join us!  It was a beautiful, warm day and we all enjoyed spending time outside.  Here was the menu:

Honey Cardamom Almonds: my only type of appetizer. I decided we didn’t need anything else.

Ham: of course

Asparagus: courtesy of my mother

Honey Bunnies: from the Fleischmann’s Yeast cookbook. First time I’ve made these and I will definitely be making them again. They were sweet, but not as sweet as a cinnamon roll-perfectly fine for the dinner table or breakfast.  Adorable and perfect for holiday because you make the dough the night before and let it rise in the fridge. (I wanted to include the picture my brother took of me shaping the bunnies, but frankly it just wasn’t a nice enough picture of me to share with anyone.)

Fancy Trevis potatoes: I actually followed a recipe for this from Everyday Food.  They didn’t call them “trevis”, but that is what they were. [Trevis potatoes: years ago whilst houseboating in the 1000 Islands we met an old couple, named Trevor and Iris-their boat was called Trevis. They showed us how they would take a potato, slice it, but keep the potato in its shape. Tuck in slices of onion, sprinkle with salt and pepper and a pat of butter, wrap it up in foil, and put it on the grill for an hour. We thought it was delicious and ever since then have made what we call Trevis potatoes.] What made these so nice was using a mandoline to slice them very thinly and evenly, and putting them in this circular pan. I should have salted them more, but they were still good.

Spinach Salad: same salad I made for Tabitha’s birthday. It has toasted almonds and mandarin oranges, and a poppy seed dressing that has frozen oj concentrate in it. Sweet and tangy and fantastic.


Almond Raspberry Jellyroll: I love a jellyroll. I think they are easy and you can make lots of different fillings. This was  a plain jam filling, but the cake had almond paste in it, which made it very almondy and tasty.

Lemon Cheese Filled Bundt Cake: Yes, I made something from one of the old cookbooks I recently got! This was from the 300 Ways to use your Bundt pan one.  I made a couple of alterations/substitutions, out of necessity.  The cake was made from a boxed yellow cake mix, a little butter, apricot nectar, and eggs.  I didn’t have apricot nectar so I used apple juice and it was totally fine.  So you mix up the batter, put it in your bundt pan, and then mix up the tunnel filling.  It calls for lemon juice, sugar, apricot nectar, and cream cheese.  Now, I really hadn’t thoroughly read the recipe before I went shopping. No apricot nectar, I knew it called for cream cheese so had bought a package of that, and figured it would have lemon zest in it so got a lemon.  Oh silly Sarah.  This book was pre 1985.  Of course it didn’t have anything as “fancy” as lemon zest in the lemon cake! And apparently the tunnel should be made from two packages of cream cheese. So I used my one and reduced the sugar and lemon juice by a tiny bit and forgot all about the apricot nectar.  You put this on the top without letting it touch the sides and then, while it bakes, it sinks down into the cake.  You unmold it , let it cool, and drizzle it with a lemon juice confectioners’ sugar glaze.  Let me tell you–this thing was delicious. Half of it was a big ugly mess because, sadly, it didn’t come out of the pan nicely.  But that didn’t matter.  And thank goodness I only had one package of cream cheese because two would have been gross. Seriously. The amount of filling I ended up with was just right.

So, that was all the food part of the day.  We also

dyed Easter eggs (and yes, we used our own and you can dye brown eggs):

Had fun with our family:

went on a local Easter egg hunt:

and found eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden in our very own yard:

All in all, a lovely Easter.


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