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Our peas are growing like crazy, reaching out many teeny tiny tendrils, hoping to find some sort of trellis to hold on to.  Alas for them, we haven’t put up anything yet, though one random stake happens to be there.

I’ve also planted sunflower seeds and more herb seeds in the raised beds.  We do need to put in more this weekend, but now I’ve got the beds all ready and waiting for them.  Across the driveway big plans are happening–we tilled the area, planted the “pink lemonade blueberry” bushes my mom gave me for my birthday, and have put down that black weed prevention mat. I’ve always disliked them, but have decided that’s the only way we can control that area.  We will get mulch and put it all over it, but for now it’s just out there pinned down with some firewood.  Apparently that makes it a cozy area because the dog keeps sleeping there!

In other big garden plans, we have placed a massive order with White Flower Farm to begin making our bird and butterfly garden. We’re using the area that is next to the garage, to the side of our patio.  We pulled out pvc pipes that went nowhere and in the fall I dug out weed pricker bushes. We’re keeping the lovely azaleas, and also in the fall I planted daffodil bulbs, which added some nice spring color there.

I’ve ordered bee balm, butterfly bushes, lantana, a butterfly collection, and verbena.  I’m sure when they arrive in their little three inch pots it won’t look like much at all, but hopefully in a couple of years it will be looking great. I’m also going to plant my gladiola bulbs over there.

In the meantime, great forests of hosta are growing around the pond:

and holy cow, I can’t believe I didn’t write about this-I saw a snake (nay, a serpent) slithering around the pond last week. I was horrified, of course. And then it slithered on over into the rocky area where the other hosta are-an area I am always afraid of seeing a snake and now I have good reason.  It was just a garter snake, though, even if it was big and I suppose it goes to show we have a pretty good ecosystem in our yard-garden-pond. And I did take a picture:

And then the very next day at the park I had to see another.

My birthday birdfeeder is being enjoyed by many birds and it is so sweet to see the littlest ones going right into it.

In other exciting news…we bought a canoe! A 16 ft. Mad River red canoe. We found it on Craigslist and I’m really excited to think of all the canoe adventures our family can have over the next many many years.  Paul has never been canoeing before so this will be all new to him, but I just know he’ll love it.


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  1. Everything is looking lovely! Well, maybe except the snake. He is a big guy for a garter snake! I love your shiny ball bird house – so cool!


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