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Seems live I’ve done a lot of posting about peonies in the past few weeks, but not much else.  It’s been a busy time for us all around.  Last week we took the kids to Sandy Hook for a wonderful beach afternoon.  It was spontaneous, which I think made it all the better.  We were down in Colts Neck with my cousin (who had her baby son a mere three days later-congratulations Kate and Jimmy!) playing at the Sprayground, and then after that decided we’d take Clark and Tabitha to enjoy the ocean a bit.  Of course I considered it a big photo op, but beyond that I find few things as utterly peaceful and relaxing as sitting down on the beach and closing my eyes.  The fact that it was a weekday afternoon before Memorial Day made it even better-not crowded! We all went wading, and Paul even went for a swim.

Clark had his end of year program at school.  Just two more days left of preschool and then that lovely first phase of his life is done and we look towards kindergarten.  He really enjoyed his preschool and we just loved his teachers and seeing him learn and grow there. Plus we just love the wooden train on the playground:

In the garden we have been eating peas!  Just today we finally got garden bed #4 tilled and planted with corn, planted the heirloom tomato plants I ordered, and planted the perennials for the butterfly garden.  I don’t have a finished picture of that, but honestly it doesn’t look too different than it did last week because they are small plants.  I will probably buy a flat of some showy annuals, petunias perhaps, just to have some color there this summer. The roses are in full bloom now:

In the front garden things are not so great. I’m glad I enjoyed the peonies at their peak because they have sorely sufferend this past week. First it was the rain. Then, a crew of guys filling the walls of our house with insulation.  We had an energy audit several months ago and decided to have the various recommendations done to our home .  The insulation was a key thing as our house is 105 years old and most of the exterior walls were not really insulated.  So holes were drilled all around on both floors and long hoses shot stuff into the walls, making our house snug and cozy and presumably saving us much in the way of heating costs in the future.  The crew was great, though they trod on my yarrow, a spiderwort, and my Russian sage.  Three plants I was super excited to see had return this year and were thriving.  I’m hoping they will bounce back.  The peonies were already in a fragile state and after being bumped into quite a bit are super droopy and have lost most of their delicate petals.

Out by the pond, well I really need a picture and don’t seem to have one (what?!), things have grown so humongous that we are considering moving every plant back a few feet.  We’re pleased that things are thriving but the hosta are practically four feet across, the lilies are simply insane, and we can’t see the pond anymore.

Finally, you know we adore our big tree in the center of our backyard. Well now we are enjoying it even more ever since Paul hung up a set of rings and a rope ladder.

Basically they swing all around on the rope ladder as if it is a trapeze, shrieking and giggling.  It is also a source of much fighting and crying over taking turns, which is why in the above picture Clark is holding the rings but crying boo hoo hoo.

And finally, I will soon have a complete baby quilt to post entirely about. It’s taken me much too long to do the embroidery, but it looks smashing. One of the reasons it took so long is that the cat is constantly sleeping on it and I can’t do it in front of her or she will try to snag the thread.  How do so many knitters have cats? I’d think they would constantly be swatting at the yarn. My goal is to finish it entirely this weekend. Let’s see how I do….

Tomorrow I take out the brand new canoe!


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  1. Is the plant at the bottom a wild geranium/cranesbill? I have one with flowers that look very much like that.

  2. Sorry, I posted on the wrong blog entry!

  3. I read your comment and was so curious to see what plant I had that was like that. Ahh well…


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