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Garden/Orchard Update (and a Revolting Photo)

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After all my doom and gloom about the garden, I have to say it looks pretty smashing right now.  Check out how high the corn is!

And the sunflowers!

The most unexpected success in the garden, one that really took us by surprise, is our plum tree.  Much to our surprise we looked up and discovered it was covered in small ripe plums.  And they are delicious! The juicy ones are sugar sweet.

and drippy, too!

After 6 years of planting fruit trees we are just thrilled that one finally not only didn’t die, but actually thrived and produced edible fruit! It’s very tall and slim and we will be pruning it in an attempt to make it grow wider. The kids also really got a kick out of picking the fruit.

The melon patch has gone absolutely wild.  Squashes and melons really need lots of room to branch out and we pretty much crammed everything into one of the raised beds.  The leaves are huge and we’ve started peeking underneath and discovering all sorts of things growing.  Like this cute watermelon:

And there several wee to medium sized butternut squashes in the works:

The vines are spilling out onto the driveway, latching on to any weed or object in their path. Look at the little tendrils snaking around the basil and rosemary!

Finally a very unpleasant find in the garden on a tomato plant (and I’m not holding out hope that we’re going to get any tomatoes from these tall non flowering plants).  This following picture is actually repulsive to me. I hate large quantities of small things, especially things like bugs or ants or seeds.  Honestly the sight of this makes me want to throw up.  But I had to take a picture and I think it’s a good one. Plus, what’s going on here? A giant caterpillar hatching little babies out of its skin? A zillion little things latched on to a caterpillar and killed it? I’m grossed out and can’t think about it anymore. If it makes you icky scroll quickly past and on to an amazing picture of Clark that Paul took.

ugh. How about something nicer? Like Clark leaping off the porch wearing wings that Paul made for him?

And just so she’s not under-represented, and because I think it is a good photograph, here’s one I took of Tabby:

I’ve been practicing my kid portrait type photography lately and I like the above one very much in terms of lighting and the blurred trees behind her and how crisp and clear she is. That’s all for now, post in the works on a very quickly completed sewing project!


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. I remember reading about some kind of wasp that is a parasite on caterpillars – and the caterpillar ends up somewhat protecting the wasp eggs while they are on the back of the caterpillar. I’m betting that’s what you’ve got here. Eww!

    Everything else is looking awesome!

  2. Anne’s right — those are parasitic wasps and they’re good. Well, I mean, good if you’ve got hornworms. We found a similar sight two years ago, only the hornworm was still alive. I freaked out and threw it in the garbage. Then I looked it up and discovered we wanted those wasp eggs back in the garden. The advice was to put the live hornworm in a jar filled with tomato leaves and with a mesh top so that the wasps could hatch, fly away, and go on to kill any other hornworms in the area. So we had to dig the hornworm out of the garbage and put it back in the garden. Heh.

    I love all the other photos, though, and the garden’s looking great! I love seeing the crazy corkscrews of the melons and squashes!


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