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Made by Rae Top for Me

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For a while now my friend and I have been meaning to make the Made by Rae Spring Ruffle Top.  Looks so easy and would be a great use of this awesome fabric I’ve had for a while-white with black and green line drawings of birds in cages on it (it’s from Ikea.)

We finally got around to beginning the top last week and it was astonishing how difficult it was for two smart people to cut out a trapezoid.  See, the nice thing about this top is it is very basic and seems like you should figure it out on your own, but having someone else already have figured out how to convert your measurements into the pieces of fabric is very helpful.  So we finally got our trapezoids cut out and I did mine upside down on my fabric (which was noticeable because of the birds). Nothing says home sewn quite like upside down fabric.  Unless it’s not having enough of the fabric. Which it turned out was the case when I went to cut the second trapezoid.  Off to my stash to see what I had.  Lo and behold I had a yard of fabric that I bought at least a year ago.  I bought it because it was just so pretty and I knew I’d do something with it eventually.  White with a blue pattern on it that made me think of Delft.  What to use for contrast? The blue fabric I bought to bind Hugh’s quilt was just perfect.  And I cut it on the bias and it had a wonderful stretch to it.

I’m so pleased I ended up with this fabric because look how great the pleating turned out.  It just so happened that the circular design looked absolutely perfect with the spacing of the pleats!

I finished this up yesterday and wore it right away. I did not put ruffles or pockets on it. It seems a little voluminous, although I did do the shaping.  I was very concerned about the fit of the band (it seemed way too loose as I was trying it on and making it), but it turned out just fine once the straps were sewn securely on.  Also, note to self: wear a bra when fitting your garment! I kept trying it on without one, which I think made it fit somewhat differently.

This was a simple to make top and I would definitely make it again.  Bonus: I noticed when it slipped down on my dressform that it looked like a lovely skirt. Now I can try my hand at a pleated skirt! (or apron)

I didn’t model it for a picture, but wore it right away, so here’s the pics I do have of me wearing it. This shows the rear.

And the front:


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. Margaret Simpson

    Very pretty Sarah. Had to laugh, once in a dressmaking class where we were making the classic “shirtdress” I cut out two left sides. I then recut the whole top in a print and had a solid skirt. It looked cool and different I thought but my teach was suspicious.

  2. The top looks fantastic!

  3. So cute! I so admire your handmade clothing!

  4. Thank you!


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