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I recently came across this tutorial and said to some friends, “Why are we not making these all the time?” This afternoon Jen and I got out the scissors and felt while our kids played, and here’s what we came up with.

The button is a delightful old lady sparkly item I got in a some hand me down buttons.  Jen actually put this flower on an elastic, so here it is worn in her hair:

I made a green one, too.  I’m thinking of trimming the petals a little smaller and possibly also dipping the edges in glitter.

You can also stick your flower on a pin (this is the one that actually needs some glitter or sequins or something):

Neither of our little girls particularly likes wearing anything in their hair yet, but when they do they will have a nice wardrobe of ribbon barrettes. Very easy to make. We used needle and thread to secure the loops, and hot glue to attach to the clip.

Jen showed me how to slip a hair elastic through a button shank for a cute girl’s hair thing:

And here’s another flower pin. I’m not at all satisfied with my petals, so I may need to work on improving this. This one is made with fabric, not felt.  Could be pinned to a skirt or bag or shirt. In fact, I specifically used this fabric because it’s what I used on a skirt for Tabby. How cute would she look wearing this flower on a shirt along with the skirt? I’m sure Nina Garcia would say it was too matchy-matchy, but Tabby’s not even three so she gets a pass.

It was very satisfying to do such quick and easy crafts.

Here’s a photo from this afternoon of our garden’s best accessories–bees and sunflowers.  The bees have been mad for the sunflowers-there are often three or four on each at a time.


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