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Closing Out the Summer

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It’s been a busy past couple of weeks with the ending of summer and the school year starting. Time to do some wrapping up and miscellaneous photos and updates.

First of all, Paul has been making use of his Handy Dad book and accomplished another project from it that he’s wanted to do for quite a while–build a zipline.  It fits right in to our backyard with its homemade awesome wooden seesaw, fallen down tree balance beam, and rope ladders.  It can hold adults and is lots of fun.  The eventual plan it to have the zipline start at a treehouse, but for now we climb onto a ladder and launch ourselves off.

He is indeed a handy dad and has done such a great job of making lots of old fashioned childhood fun for our kids. Thank you Paul!

This summer’s posts about the garden have pretty light and for good reason.  It sucked.  Really, this year’s garden I had the highest hopes for, did lots of preparation for, and it just didn’t work out very well at all.  The butternut squashes were puny and eaten up by squash bugs.  The zucchinis were non-existent. The tomatoes just didn’t bear fruit. The corn all dried up.  The best “crops” were the snow peas in early spring and the decorative snake gourds.  Happily the new butterfly garden we put in did do very well. Everything grew a little bigger, bloomed, and really did attract butterflies.  I hope it looks even lovelier next year.

I especially liked the vibrant lantana

In super news, Paul fixed the macro setting on my camera! I know, I know, I can take macro photos with the Rebel, but not as easily as I can with the regular old camera. Look how nicely this came out:

You know how we got four new hens last week? Well, we went back and got one of the roosters.  I just felt too bad for the little hen who I thought went with him.  Ironically, it turns out that the hen who loves him and is now with him all the time is not the one who matches him.   All the new ones are still people-shy, but I think they are getting used to us.  We love his darling little crowing and we hope that there will be some chicks in our future (Tabby keeps asking if there are any chicks yet.) Here is Mr. Fancy Pants:

The really big news here, though, is that Tabitha started preschool this week and Clark started kindergarten.  They were both very, very excited about their first days and did terrifically.  Clark takes a school bus, so it was definitely a big deal to put him on the bus, wave good-bye, and just wait for him to be deposited back home four hours later. But it was all very happy and he is enjoying it.  It’s definitely an adjustment though.  He comes home very hungry and tired and the prospect of five days in a row seems very daunting to him.  I can still remember my kindergarten teacher, so it’s really neat to think that he’s at an age now where he will remember this as an adult.  Happily his three days in impression is that he loves his teacher, so that’s good.  Tabitha is also loving her teachers after just one day. She can’t wait to go again and loved telling us all about it.

The big kids:

I need to get sewing on Tabby’s Ice Cream Dress, apple corduroy jumper, and other nice fall clothes I want to make her. But first I must get many squares off my dining room table.  I’ve been working on a quilt and just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and dedicate to it. I see from many other sewing/homemaking blogs that lots of women are sewing up a storm when their kids go back to school.  However, while the boy is in kindergarten I’ve still got a just-about three year old at home all excited to have me all to herself.  Here is a sneak peek at the soft soft squares:

Look here for a look at a teeny quick project I did. And I seem from my unpublished posts that I neglected to ever write about a top I made for myself! I’ll have to get to that later.  For now, an official segway into fall. Tonight after dinner we made a little fire in the chiminea and roasted marshmallows. Happy September!


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  1. That’s a lot of excitement for one post! What a summer (although what a bummer about the garden)!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that your veg garden wasn’t as much as you’d hoped for this year. But you’re not alone! Mine was the same. We didn’t get much rain this year and I didn’t set up the sprinkler as much as I should have. I also got caught up in the front garden and didn’t pay as much attention to the veggies as I needed to. Ah well! At least our “pretty” gardens are thriving!


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