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The Ice Cream Dress

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You may recall that I recently won my choice of a pattern from Sew Mama Sew! and picked the Oliver + S  Ice Cream Dress pattern. I am so excited that the dress is complete! I really love how it came out.  There are two flaws that will probably always bug me, but I don’t think other people will especially notice them.  Certainly not the three (almost) year old wearing it!

For fabric I bought this cute kitty cat print with an aqua background (a great color on her and she’s crazy for kitties) that is a really nice feeling apparel fabric.  I’m not exactly sure what it is. Some kind of woven with a little stretch. So not the usual quilting cotton, which was nice.  The solid brown was a “bottomweight”  (fabric suitable for, say, pants, and indeed this fabric feels like a nice pair of pants) and is very nice feeling, about the same weight as the print.

I liked using a “fancy” pattern, nice instructions and hints.  Since I knew there was an Ice Cream Dress Social (Sewalong)I also looked over at some of the posts for a couple of hints (and good thing since they pointed out the “pattern errata” that I noticed and was worried about.) Although the design of this dress is fairly simple, there were definitely some really nice techniques and details that I used and learned and will be able to apply to otehr things.  The sleeves lined up perfectly (!) and the yoke lining went on very nicely. Check out the pockets:

The bottom panel/hem is double sided.  Here is where one flaw is–I just can’t seem to attach a bottom loop without the fabric ending up with a little gather. Next time I may try attaching the hem as panels before sewing the side seams.

The second flaw is on the back. Where the yoke splits I couldn’t get the middle fabric in. I may pick apart the stitches and try to fix that because it’s bothering me.

Overall, I love this dress and will definitely make it again! (The other views are to make it be a top.)


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  1. That is so cute – in the first pic the brown fabric looks like velvet, which makes me think it would be a great holiday dress – because it’s not a traditional holiday dress pattern, but using traditional fabrics, maybe shorten it up a bit (though the pockets would have to overlap the hem, but that might look cute) and throw some tights on her, little christmas pressies (matching ribbon? baby doll?) in the pockets – it would look adorable! Of course, she looks adorable in everything, doesn’t she?

    Sorry, I don’t know why I’m rambling about this.

  2. Robyn, those are great ideas! I think this dress can look really different depending on the fabrics. A little velvet and taffeta for the holidays, lightweight cotton for the summer!

  3. Love this dress! I hope you send a link to Sew Mama Sew to see what you did with their gift!

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