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A Week of Projects

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Just a few things to catch up on.  Since making the awesome mermaid cutout for Tabby’s birthday party, Paul’s been on a creative tear.  He quickly made this awesome one for Thanksgiving:

It is propped up in our front yard and I know he is hoping that people will pull over and take their picture in it.  And already thinking about what he’ll make for Christmas! I like to think we might be becoming one of those charmingly kooky houses where we will never know it but for lots of people they’ll say “oh yeah, I love that house. they always have chickens running around and at the holidays some sort of neat homemade decoration.”

Lots more aprons, jewelery rolls, and potholders in the works.  Proud to say I’ve sold all the jewelry rolls I had made and am at work on more (which I will show on The Cornish Hen and its soon-to-be Etsy shop.)  I had just a little bit of the wonderful yellow toaster fabric left and wanted to do something with it for me. Five minutes later, voila!

I also made this very quickly this week:

It’s a wrist pincushion! I saw the how to and idea over at Skip to My Lou’s Made By You Monday.  The actual site is Tea Rose Home. This was so easy to put together.  I especially like it because I used little fabric scraps that were my grandmother’s.

Oh, and how could I forget? Making snow globe soaps!  Let me tell you, our end result was nowhere near as lovely as the lady’s at that link.  Ours definitely look like ice cubes.  And it was hard finding something so miniature to fit in there! The kids did enjoy making these, even though mostly it was me madly microwaving, stirring, and pouring.


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