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Tie This One On at Christmas

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Every year we have a Christmas cookie party and I seem to have made it a thing now to have offer a homemade item as a prize (yes, prize–people vote for their favorite!)  I wasn’t sure I had time this year to make an apron, but then I saw this at Better Homes & Gardens.  I remembered that my mom once made me an apron like this-with the sliding adjustable neck and ties-and thought it would be a great “no pattern” apron to make.  I used their basic dimensions of starting with fabric 20×28 inches.  (Actually,I added about an inch and a half so that I could hem it. They were starting with something prehemmed.)  The diagram for cutting the angles was poorly marked, so I sort of guessed about slicing off the edges.  It all worked out, though.  Basically you make a casing along the diagonal, and then you make a very long tie that gets threaded through it.

I loved this green and cream fabric but had a lot of difficulty choosing a coordinating fabric to go with it.  Solid red seemed too bright, I didn’t have anything burgundy, nothing was working.  Finally I realized that the red and cream fabric I had bought for Christmas napkins (or an apron for myself) would, in fact, be perfect with it.  I made a very long tie so it can be worn wrapped around the waist and tied in front (or, fetchingly, to the side.). This is a super adjustable style in terms of how you wear it, length, girth, etc.  I will definitely be whipping up some more like this!


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