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Last week we brought a new cat to our home, Sweetie.  You might recall that our neighbors down the road are going out of business and some time ago we took some of their chickens. They also needed to find homes for their many barn cats. Hence, Sweetie. We got her a week ago.Here she is:

Isn’t she sweet? Unfortunately she is very nervous and has since fled to the basement where she is in hiding. We know she exists because she is clearly eating food and using the litterbox. I was worried we’d forget about her and many years from now find a little cat skeleton down there, but happily, today, I came across her in the basement. She allowed me to touch her and even stuck around while I talked to her. So, there’s hope that someday she’ll get to like us.

This weekend was their last day open and it turned out that the person they had lined up to take the remainder of their chickens fell through. So, of course, I said we’d take them.  We brought home 4 roosters and 4 hens. They seem to be adjusting really well.  We put them in the coop at night, plus there are so many of them and so many are big brave roosters. Look how gorgeous they are:

Look at the pompom of feathers on his back end:



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