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Merry Christmas!

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It’s already the 27th as I write this and I can’t believe Christmas is done.  Very grateful for the “blizzard” that is keeping Paul home today.  We had a very lovely Christmas-here’s a rundown of some highlights and recipes.

Christmas Eve I made Melt In Your Mouth Cranberry Pie, a recipe my cousin Kate passed along to me:

Arrange 2 c fresh cranberries and 1/2 c walnuts in bottom of pie plate and sprinkle with 1/2 c sugar.
Beat 2 eggs and 1 c sugar together.  Add 1 c flour, 1/4 t salt, 1/4 t almond extract, 1/4 c melted crisco, and 1 stick melted butter and beat until smooth.  Spread batter over cranberries and bake for 1 hour at 325.

She said it was so delicious that I made one for our family gathering that night, and another half size recipe for us to enjoy that very afternoon.  I always remember Christmas Eve day as a long day, just sort of passing the hours until the evening.  But I did not find that to be the case.  I did some last minute wrapping and in the afternoon we watched “The Polar Express” and ate the dessert and I worked on mom’s needlebook.  [By the way, “The Polar Express“? Kind of sinister and frightening and not the charming Christmas film we thought it would be.]

We had a very nice Christmas Eve at my cousin’s house and then happily went home to wait for Santa.  I’m happy to say that despite their anticipation and excitement the kids woke up at normal time the next day.  Everyone was thrilled with their gifts and their was a lot of excitement.  We had our traditional sticky buns for breakfast.  This year I made one pan a little differently-a filling of pecans, raisins, and honey butter- and I thought it was better than the original! My mother joined us in the last morning and she outdid herself with handmade gifts this year.  Check out these beautiful pillowcases she embroidered for Paul and I.

And the articulated polar bear for Clark, and gorgeous doll (the hair!the clothes!) for Tabitha:

Mom loved the needlebook and we both agreed it is very satisfying to give handmade gifts to people who understand and appreciate what goes into them.  So thank you again Mom for the beautiful pillowcases and dolls-we will always treasure them!
For Christmas dinner we keep it simple-we’re not entertaining, we’re not leaving the house, and I don’t want to be in the kitchen all day.  Around lunch time we have fancy cheeses and crackers, then for dinner we had a roast, mashed potatoes, and beans.  Our new favorite spread-bacon jam-was delicious on top of a little smoke gouda-

For dessert we had the leftover cranberry pie with fresh whipped cream. Perfect!

And, as a special Christmas present to us all, we had many sightings of Sweetie-she is coming out of the basement! Still races back down when she sees us, but is definitely exploring the upstairs floors of the house during the day.

It was a very merry Christmas, and a very cozy Boxing Day followed.  Now today is “blizzard day”, but to tell the truth we seem to have the least snow of most areas. I can see grass in the yard! But the wind is intense and no way are we playing outside with a wind chill of 7 degrees. Brrrrrr!



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  1. It sounds like an absolutely perfect holiday (minus the creepy “Polar Express”), and all I can say is WOW! about the gifts your mother made. The embroidery is so charming and lovely, and those dolls are AMAZING. She’s a superstar (although that doesn’t surprise me, because you clearly learned to craft from someone who is exceptionally good at what she does)!


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