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Poor Sew Buttons has been a little bit neglected lately-a combination of no sewing and spreading myself thinly between The Fair View, Flickr, Facebook, and The Hub.  We’ve been back from Florida for almost a week and I haven’t posted anything about it here yet. I did post pictures daily while we were away, though, so you can see some pictures and comments there.  Also, I’ve started gathering photos for the scavenger hunt I’m participating in this year.  I’ve got a set over at Flickr where you can see my pictures (including some of my favorites from the trip, like these birds), and you can see the group’s finds at this set.  OK, now it’s a full week that we’ve been home, so I’d better just get to it and tell a little about our trip!

We left on Saturday for Florida and I’m happy to say that everyone was a very good traveler. In fact, we need not have bothered packing any amusements for Tabby as she seemed to occupy herself with the tray table, earphones, and the like for very long stretches of time.  I guess when you’re 3 everything about air travel is exciting. They even thought it was fun to take their shoes off to go through security. On our travel day we just went out to lunch, swam in the pool, hit the local Target and grocery store for some things, and enjoyed our accommodations.  On Sunday we went to SeaWorld which, if you have never been, is really quite awesome. I think it gets short shrift because of its more prominent neighbors, but it is really a lot of fun.  The dolphin show surprised us all by being one of our very favorite things all week long.  The Shamu show was, surprisingly, less awesome.  Seeing the killer whales was amazing, but you could tell that the show was quite different from when the trainers could be in the water with them. And I kept imagining the trainer last year being killed. But beyond that the kids enjoyed the rides and seeing the animals and the nice sunshiney weather.

Monday was torrential rain, but fortunately it tapered to a drizzle and we still had a good time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We met Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, and Sully and Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. there, which the kids loved.We also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday, which was very special to be doing on vacation. And in Disneyworld they give out buttons to wear for your birthday, or anniversary, or first visit and if you are ever there on an event don’t feel dorky, wear the button! Everyone is very nice to you and wishes you a happy whatever and it is quite nice.

Tuesday was Epcot

(Hola! We’re in Mexico)

Wednesday was Magic Kingdom, where Tabby was thrilled to finally be able to ride a roller coaster and meet Minnie Mouse, we all were delighted with the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Peter Pan’s Flight, and I was delighted to do a number of things I had not done before, including riding the Astro-Orbiter high above Tomorrowland. And, even though we got stuck on It’s a Small World it was not the nightmare you might expect.

, and Thursday was Animal Kingdom, where we were all thrilled by the safari

(the required snack of Disneyworld)

followed by dinner and a perfect peek at the evening parade and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.  And Friday was home to very chilly temps and snow.  It really was a lovely trip and of course the kids are looking forward to going again someday.  We have many many souvenirs (how much fun will it be in 11 months to remember our trip when we pull out the Christmas ornaments we got there?) and photos and best of all, happy memories!


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