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So we’ve had some snow here this past week.  Quite a bit, in fact.  It’s been a weird transition back from vacation. Back to school and work on Monday and Tuesday, snow days Wednesday and Thursday.  Things are melting a bit today, but there’s still a couple of feet everywhere there isn’t pavement.  Stepping outside in the morning the world feels so peaceful and serene, and I love the absolute quiet when it is snowing.  On one of the snow days one of my friends said she was off to the gym.  Hmm…I’d love to think that if I didn’t have kids I’d head out to the gym on an unexpected day off, but that’s just not true. Who wants to come inside from playing in the snow to carrot sticks? Not me. You’ve got to bake cozy, sweet smelling, wonderful snow day things! First day, chocolate chip cookies:

Second day, cinnamon swirl bread. I was really pleased with how this came out and I should definitely make it more.  It smelled fantastic and tasted great, especially fresh and warm from the oven with a little butter on it. I used the recipe in the old Fleischmann’s yeast book.

we also had a special snow day breakfast of ebelskiver:

These little filled Danish pancakes look great dont they? Unfortunately most of them still had raw batter on the inside. Anyone know how to get these to cook all the way through without burning the outside??
And of course we did play in the snow-sledding, snow tubing, angel making, snowman building, and making an igloo.

(On one spectacular sledding run Clark went from our backyard into our neighbors’ yard, curved past their barn and went all the way down to their far horse corral! Here he is at the end of it.)

There’s also been a lot of indoor play, too….wiffle ball in the kitchen, watching movies, and here we have the Indian brave, Snapping Turtle, with his devoted sister, Little Fawn, who spent quite a while hunting throughout the house:

The chickens are not thrilled with all this snow.  We dug out around their coop so they could come outside and go under the coop, and a few brave ones have followed the path to the driveway. One day the ones under the coop got trapped for a while when a bunch of snow fell off their roof. Oh! and the day before all the snow we had a chicken adventure: I saw two hawks fly around the house (very low-right past the kitchen window). I ran to the front porch because I knew there were a few hens there and sure enough, the hens were next to the big pine tree frozen. I couldn’t see the hawks but clapped and shouted and a minute later two hawks flew out of the tree! The flew across the street and proceeded to stare at us. Fortunately eventually they gave up and flew away.

I’m happy to say that I have finally done some sewing (the first since Christmas!)  First up, a little quilt for Tabby’s dolls.  I used the scraps from the pink flannel baby quilt.  I deliberately did not really plan it out-just took the triangles and stitched together.  I think it’s quite adorable, especially because the reverse has a “T for Tabby!”

Then I also made some long-awaited pants for Tabby. I bought this fabric last spring with plans to make these in the fall. Well fall came and went and winter has begun.  She was quite a hit wearing these to preschool with the beautifully crocheted sweater my good friend’s mother made for her.

And we finally did an annual project we enjoy: putting ourselves into a calendar.  Sure it’s fun to order lovely photo calendars and buy pretty or funny ones, but we can’t resist making a special calendar every year.  We buy something scenic (a New Jersey state calendar is nice) and then find pictures of the kids and sometimes ourselves to incorporate into them. We just print the pictures on paper and tape them on-part of the appeal is this very basic low-tech method.  All year long whenever we turn the page to a new month we have a good laugh!

Good heavens it took forever to write this post. And yes, it’s quite long, but I like my posts chronological rather than just broken up into bits, so there you have it. Hope you enjoyed the peek into what’s been going on all week long.


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