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Browsing around some sewing blogs I saw that someone had made a cover for her mixer (actually it was a very funny to me snippy post about her sister-in-law not covering her mixer and the poster was aghast and wouldn’t eat the cake the sister in law made because it was bound to be dirty) and I thought what a fun idea.  I don’t use my mixer very often, but it does remain on the counter where, yes, it gathers dust and needs to be washed every time I use it. So at the risk of being someone who loves fabric so much she ends up quilting everything and putting it all over her house, I decided this would be a great way to have a nice design accent in the kitchen and also keep the mixer clean.

Not long after I decided to make this I was finally making an apron I’d had planned since Christmas. [And here is the finished apron.]The kitchen themed fabric is adorable and I thought it would be good to use.  I didn’t have enough left after the apron for the ends, but I think that was good because I used a nice contrast for the ends (Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern tangerine dots), and then I made a coordinating binding.

I looked at a bunch of patterns online and ended up deciding to just wing.  So, here’s my quick and easy description of how to make an appliance cover: I measured how high it was and how long and cut out two rectangles with those dimensions (I was using a directional fabric, which is why I made it two rectangles and sewed them together to make one long one; if you had a nondirectional fabric you could just make one big rectangle), then I measured how wide it is and cut out two more rectangles for the end that were as high and wide as the mixer.  Those end pieces I folded in half lengthwise (both pieces at the same time) and cut the end to be rounded. So now I had two end pieces and one long rectangle (the main body of the thing.) I cut out a matching sized long rectangle in a plain fabric for the inside, as well as a piece of batting. I made a sandwich with these and machine quilted it.  Because there were squares and rectangles on my fabric I actually followed those lines (somewhat randomly) to quilt it. (here’s an inside view where you can see that)

The ends are not quilted just because I didn’t have enough batting. However, I do actually like it that way.

Then I simply sewed the ends on and trimmed the edges. For the binding I found some nice coordinating fabric (just a fat quarter) and made some bias binding out of it, and then applied it to all the raw edges.

This was a not difficult project to do and I really like the end result. The fabric looks good in the kitchen (we have blue walls and natural cherry cabinets), it’s cute but since it’s tucked in a corner it’s not aggressively noticeable, and it will keep my mixer and its attachments clean! My mom has already requested I make her one for hers!


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  1. Oh, that’s super cute! How clever!

  2. That looks lovely! I’m going to try to make one for my Nesspresso u milk machine. If it’s successful I shall post it for you to see!


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