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last year for Father’s Day we gave Paul the book Handy Dad.  He’s made a number of projects in it, but for over a year now has been wanting to build a treehouse for the kids.  This weekend he finally got started on it and look how far he’s come!
There will be a trapdoor in the floor for a rope ladder to come down.  Eventually you can leap off the side onto the zipline.  I envision this as platform treehouse with a railing around; Clark envisions it with an actual house with walls and roof on it. It’s quite solid-built onto 3 trees and the 4th corner is a post set into concrete.  I love it that this will be something that even a 12 year old would enjoy hiding out in. Perhaps lying in and reading Treehouse of Horror comics.
We all climbed on to the new floor and had a little picnic.  Surveying our beautiful backyard I have to say I felt pretty happy and hope our kids realize how lucky they are.  Looking around I saw all the things that Paul has made for them: a sandbox, a seesaw, the zipline, and the tire swing.  Handy Dad, indeed! Thank you, Paul!

In other news, I thought Broody Hen #1 had given  up yesterday as her nest was vacant in the middle of the afternoon.  Turns out she was just taking a break.  I didn’t realize they would actually go so far from the nest for as long as an hour.  I think it’s the only time she’s left in a week and a half.


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