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What a weekend of highs and lows!
The lows: Tabby fell out of bed and cut open her forehead on her bookcase, Clark wiped out in the driveway and scraped up his elbows and knees some more, and the tire on the Prius popped 😦
The highs: I ran 2.3 miles Saturday morning which, for folks who know me, is a tremendous accomplishment (and today, Sunday, I even went for another run!)  Friday night I saw old friends as we gathered together for our high school chorus teacher’s retirement concert. I felt 17 again as joined the chorus on stage and sang the Hallelujah chorus all together-it was quite moving and fun.  We also visited friends today and had a nice little bbq and then visited a classic car thingie in town.
The cars were gorgeous and oh! how I wished we could sit in them.  I enjoyed playing the game of “if I could have any of these cars, which would it be?” I chose the mint green Thunderbird, the powder blue Fiat, and the turquoise Veronica (what’s that?).
It's so cute I can carry it home

I want my steering wheel to have a knob
Don’t you just love this time of year when you see a plant in the evening that was not blooming in the morning and now it is? Our white lilies have apparently bloomed just today:

the white lily
In the butterfly garden the lavender has started to bloom. It smells heavenly! I find myself sniffing it and thinking “it smells like real lavender”-well duh! It is real! It’s the actual plant, not just soap or lotion.

Lavender Buds
And in the garden there are tomatoes growing!
Tomatoes in process!

And even though I griped about only getting one pepper plant out of all my seeds, what a pepper plant it is! Loaded with flowers, which will hopefully mean loads of peppers.

I never got around to showing our awesome new “eggs for sale” shingle, so here it is:

Our new shingle
We’re geared up for the last full week of school (I can’t believe it!) and have swim lessons, a field trip, and half days to look forward to. I’m also so close to sharing pictures of my secret sewing project…


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