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Paul spent his Father’s Day being the best dad ever-working all day on the treehouse.  It is now an awesome place to hang out, battle pirate, swim in shark free waters, or, if you are me, lie on your back looking up at the leaves and reading. I swear, if it was just me I’d fill it with blankets and pillows and spend all day up there reading. It’s so peaceful, and even if it’s hot there seems to be a little breeze.

The Handy Dad
It’s quite idyllic.

There is now a trap door, a ladder, and a railing all around. There will be another horizontal railing added and then I will feel more relaxed about everyone’s safety, but for now it’s pretty good.

Treehouse mostly complete!

I felt a little bad that Paul was working so hard on Father’s Day, but it was what he wanted to do and the children were thrilled. I had to lie around resting because I went for a 5.3 mile run in the morning. Now, if you only know me on the internet that might not seem so strange to you. If you know me for real you will know that in my whole life I could never even run a half mile until a couple months ago, and it was only about 5 weeks ago that I ran 1 mile for the first time.  I had made it up to 2.3 miles last week, a feat of which I was very proud.  The next goal I had was to be able to run 3 miles. I was pretty sure (though not 100%) that I could do it.  Off I went, down a road with a fixed spot 1.5 miles away, at which point I was to turn around and come back. About halfway through I was quite tired, 3/4 of the way I couldn’t believe how endless 3 miles felt. When I finally got home it turned out that I had misunderstood where exactly the turning around spot was! I’m frankly still amazed.  I don’t have an ipod, and certainly don’t run with a camera, but while I ran I did enjoy taking in the world around me.  I felt all five senses engaged, particularly hearing birdsong, seeing wildlife, and smelling honeysuckle.  If I had a camera here’s what I would have photographed (so use your imaginations here): a red tailed hawk not far from me flying up from the ground, snails inching across the road in morning sunlight, a zippy little goldfinch, a young deer watching me, horses frolicking, the sun highlighting a few different fields with rolling hills and early summer growth, and three separate bends in the same river.  It was really so beautiful.

Now, we have to have a picture, so here’s a dessert I whipped up for Paul: almond cornmeal shortcakes.  I love this recipe because the almond flavor is well, not strong, but definitely there.  I sprinkled crunchy sugar on top with the chopped almonds so the top was nice and crunchy.  These also come together very quickly in the food processor and get baked in big muffin tins. It’s from Everyday Food and here it is:

In the food processor blend 1/2 c sliced almonds with 3/4 c sugar (actually I used whole almonds, chopped up 3/4 c, then set aside 1/4 c for topping) . Add 6 T room temp butter, 2 eggs, 1 t vanilla, 1/4 salt and process until combined.  Add 1/2 c flour, 1/2 c cornmeal and pulse till just blended.  Evenly distribute amongst 6 well greased jumbo muffin tins. sprinkle tops with remaining 1/4 c sliced almonds (and crunchy big sugar!). Bake at 350 20-25 minutes, until golden.  Then prepare shortcakes as usual-slice horizontally layer up with berries and whipped cream.  For best syrupy berries slice them, stir with sugar, and let sit for an hour.
Almond Cornmeal Shortcakes


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