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Holiday Weekend

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We are having a delightful holiday weekend (despite Paul working) so far, and headed out to the Kutztown Fair today. On Friday we went to the aquarium, which we always love. This time we did a couple new things there, including touching jellyfish and seeing the hippos out of water and gobbling up hay (how can they be so big when all they eat is hay??)




It was a lovely hot sunny day and we wished we had the energy or desire to do something else, but ultimately we just went home and went swimming in our neighbor’s pool (which was wonderful and vacation-y.)

We’ve finally gotten quite a bit of rain, so it’s been steamy and damp. Just the kind of conditions that make gardening icky! However, our garden was such a tangled mess of weeds and creeping zucchini, cucumber, and melon vines that we couldn’t get through. We climbed in and tackled it and were delighted to discover cucumbers growing heartily, as well as loads of tomatoes. The jury’s still out on the pepper plant-I believe it is a pepper plant, Paul believes it is a weed.
We found some tiny adorable toads in our neighbor’s pool and the kids were thrilled.
Summer Wonder

Thinking of his kingdom??
I was less thrilled with the discovery of this guy under the wheelbarrow.
My Summer Horror
I’m still delighted by our gladiola, which bloom more fully every day. Not only that, but now another color is blooming too! I’m new to glads-will they come back, or are they a bulb you plant every summer??
Colorful Glads

We gave Paul a smoker for Father’s Day and it turning out to be a gift that is super for all of us as he made the most delicious baby back ribs in it yesterday.
What a treat to be writing this early in the morning while the rest of the house is still asleep-and I’ve even already gone for a run! I need loads of energy the next two days because of the fair today and tomorrow is Clark’s sixth birthday. I need to be a dragon cake making machine! And wait until you see what Paul made for the kids 🙂
Enjoy your 4th of July!


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