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A Chicken Update

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Today is Clark’s birthday and I’ll definitely be doing a post later about it. But for now, while the cakes are cooling, the presents are being played with, and the birthday scones have been eaten, I’ll write a quick update that I meant to yesterday. So, it looks like no baby chicks for us 😦  At this point both hens have been sitting for well over three weeks (chickens have a 21 day incubation period.)  I’m really just waiting for them to give up so I can clear out the eggs and boxes.  I don’t know if they are lousy mothers or all the eggs were duds, or what.  But next time a hen is broody I think we’ll try to isolate her so she is not constantly harassed by the other hens (climbing in and laying their own eggs next to the broody hen’s.)  Here’s the gross story–yesterday there was an egg broken in the back (we also need a higher wall so the eggs are not getting knocked out of the nests) and it smelled pretty gross.  It was clear that it had been a fertilized egg and had started developing.  When I looked more closely I could actually see the forming eyes and beak, which was gross but scientifically fascinating.  Aren’t you glad I did NOT take a picture of that?

OK, off to mow the lawn and make a fire breathing dragon cake (I made candy wings and flames last night!)


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