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Joust Wishing Clark a Happy 6th Birthday!

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Yesterday was Clark’s birthday and all in all, I think he had a wonderful day.  We began the day with presents galore, then had what I was informed by him is the traditional birthday breakfast. “Can I choose breakfast for everyone? I choose scones. Because we always have scones for special days.” How could I say no to that? I love it that he loves my scones. I whipped up a batch of cherry almond-a flavor combo I wholeheartedly recommend.
Birthday Scones
After breakfast Paul went off to work and the kids and I set about filling the hours until the 5pm party time.  We went out to lunch at Wegmans, bought balloons, and I created the cake.  The loose theme was knights/dragons ( I say loose because he also chose Star Wars paper plates, Lego Indiana Jones invitations, so really only two things we had were thematic) so I we had decided on a dragon cake.  The previous night I made the dragons wings and flames, using the same candy instructions I used for last year’s volcano lava.
I got the basic construction ideas from checking out dragon cakes at

Cake: Step 1

Cake: Step 2

Cake: Step 3

I used Famous Wafers for the spikes, piping yellow dots on them.  The eyes are made out of marshmallow and Swedish Fish, and the toenails are also marshmallows.  The gold coins the dragon is guarding turned out to be an unexpected hit–with candles blazing and it in front of Clark many grabby hands leapt forward and immediately began snatching at them. Really kids? There is fire in front of you and the birthday boy didn’t blow out his candles yet an you’re going to do that??


I did not insert the wings until I brought the cake out because I thought they might be heavy and pull out a bit.
Cake: Step 4-Finished

Paul showed his genius by making another photo-op cutout.  We’re getting quite a fun collection of these!
Sir Clark Slew the Dragon

For the party we had seven boys here. This was the first “drop off” party we’ve done-in the past it’s always been a big party for moms and dads and siblings, too. I was very concerned about having lots of games and activities planned, and we did plan them, but guess what? All they wanted to do was play in the treehouse. And I’m going to come right out and say I was surprised by how rude some of the kids were about things! OK, that’s off my chest. Well, here’s another etiquette gripe-three people did not show who had rsvp’d yes. Who does that? That’s just plain rude. OK, griping over. So, although the boys did not do what we thought they would, they all had a wonderful wild time together in the treehouse and then running into the woods and weeds blazing a trail and doing who knows what. I’m glad they had fun, and most importantly I’m glad Clark enjoyed his celebration and getting to play in the treehouse with a pack of boys.
Happy Birthday dear boy! We love you!


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  1. Happy birthday, Clark! It looks like it had all the makings of a great day 😀

  2. Wonderful! Love the cake – especially the candle nostrils. Happy, happy birthday to that darling Clark!

  3. Could you share some tips on making the photo op? We’d like to give it a try! Thanks!


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