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R.I.P. Blackie

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In what has become an unfortunate trend we went away on a short vacation and returned to find the heat wave had killed one of our chickens.  When our neighbor texted us the news we sincerely hoped it was Old Man Rooster, as he is ancient and decrepit, but to our surprise and sadness it was Blackie.  She was our oldest and most beloved hen, the friendliest and most confident, and head of the flock.  Rest in peace, Blackie. We’ll miss you.

[Also sad, and also a repeat of last year, the loaded blackberry bush, so full of the promise of blackberry jam, succumbed to the heat as well and it looks like most of them got scorched beyond recovery.  Thanks to our neighbor the vegetable garden weathered the heat wave just fine.]


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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