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Sunday Canoeing

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This afternoon we finally got out on the river in our canoe.  You may recall we bought it last year and Clark and I had used it, but not Paul and Tabby.  I’m happy to say now, at the end of the day, that we had a good time, because for a while there it was nothing but exasperation.  We have two cars, both are fairly small, neither have roof racks, and it turns out only one of them can you actually tie a canoe to.  So get these tiresome logistics:  We lash the canoe to the roof of one car and then drive both cars to the  launch point.  There are two direct roads to the launch area, but one of them has been closed for months.  So we take the other road and along the way come across a group of people sitting on the grass looking at their car, which has flipped over and is completely upside down in half the road. No emergency vehicles yet, no one appears to be hurt. We continue along and park at the edge of the river. Take the canoe off and stow it down away from the road. Now drive both cars back but oh! now there are police cars and ambulances at the site of the accident and they won’t let us pass, so u-turn and take the less direct road back to the end of point of trip.  Leave one car there. Drive the other car back to the launch site (taking the less direct road again.). Is that not exhausting?? I swear we decided at 12:30 we’d go canoeing today and it was 3 before we were in the water.

We all piled in and started paddling downstream and I’m happy to report that though there were a couple shallow bits where we had to jump out, overall the water level was higher than last summer and it was smooth paddling.   We stopped two times to play in the water, and the second time was especially nice. The water was about 8 inches deep and very swift.  I held on tightly to Tabby’s arms and let her stretch out and the water just pulled and pulled her. She loved it.
Paul lay down in it and put his head under.  I did that and the force of the water pulled my bathing suit down!
We saw a great blue heron many times, and once in a beautiful silhouette.  Also saw some very interesting ducks (some with white hats, others with brown mohawks.)  At the end we all swam in the river a bit more and then finally got out, loaded the canoe onto the waiting car, dropped the canoe at our house, drove back to the launch point to pick up the other car, then finally back home. Phew!!

I must have been reading a lot of Rosamond Pilcher lately because it seemed totally reasonable to hope that my butler, Mr. Nettlebed, would have a gin and tonic and cocktail nuts waiting for me. Oh, wait. I don’t have a butler.  Instead I unscrewed a bottle of wine, and had a bit with some nuts while dinner cooked. But best of all…seeing in our backyard view the balloons lifting off from the balloon festival!
our usual view, but with balloons!


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