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Attacking the Garden

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We love our garden and the things we get from it, but I’ll be honest–I think we might not be very good gardeners.  For example, we do not regularly weed. And as a result our garden looked like this today:
Garden Before

Also, I’m beginning to suspect we need to work more on planting things we like to eat.  Sounds obvious, right? But I have to wonder why we are not eating more things from our garden.  We have finally started to get things and we have many many gorgeous big bright beefsteak tomatoes.  I personally do not eat raw tomatoes, which is too bad, but these will definitely not go to waste.

And the cucumbers.  Remind me never to plant so many seeds again (or perhaps I should be thinning my seedlings.)  I keep finding more and more giant yellowed cukes hiding under the thicket of weeds and plants.  I could probably realistically use about 4 cucumbers per summer.
a lot of tomatoes, a lot of cukes

I did get a handful of tomatilloes and there are many more that are almost ripe.  With our seemingly acres of mint I could have a nice salsa verde and mojitoes party (Liz and Eleanor, I’m looking at you!)

As I fought my way through the overgrown vines (did find a couple little watermelons ripening) I found the biggest surprise of all–a secret nest of FOURTEEN eggs!! We try to be diligent about keeping the garden gate firmly shut (lest the hens gobble the tomatoes), so we’re wondering if someone flew over or snuck in? Also, how old are the eggs? Is it a current project or from a long time ago???

Here is my after shot of the garden.  It hardly looks different does it?? Trust me though, I did tear out a very full wheelbarrowful of weeds.
Garden After

One thing I was very careful not to pull out was the morning glory vine. It’s my very favorite flower every summer, and as always I worried that none would actually bloom. Today, though, I saw the first lovely purple flower.
The First Morning Glory!!!


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. I’m all over a salsa verde and mojito party!! Also, that harvest haul is looking awesome. I find the “grow what you eat” is a tough lesson to learn, particularly when seed ordering needs to be done in the dead of winter! As for the weeds, maybe putting down some weed blocking fabric in the paths next year will make weeding easier?

  2. WOO HOOO! for salsa verde and mojito party! I can’t wait! (I was turned on this summer to minted vodka lemonade, which is another truly spectacular way to drink your way through a hefty mint harvest.) That is some fine looking garden haul there, beyond the mint and tomatillos too. I’m so impressed with all your tomatoes! (I love raw tomatoes, and actually don’t eat many of our homegrown ones fresh either. Summer’s all about processing those puppies for winter, right? :D)

    And I second what Pookie said about how hard it is to remember to grow what you eat. I love summer squash, but dude, there was no reason to grow as many as we did our first year gardening. Like your cucumbers, it’s just something I didn’t need nearly as much of. But everyone grows them! How can you not grow them, right? SIgh. It’s so hard every year to resist them!

  3. The weeds problem is primarily in the beds! Also the viney plants (cukes, zukes, melons) have leapt across the aisles into the other beds. The paths between have gotten weeds, but they have fortunately come up very easily as we’d been putting down the old chicken hay as a weed blocker. I think if we continue to do that throughout the winter we’ll have a very good base for keeping the paths even clearer.
    We came up with an exciting (and simple and obvious) plan for the skinny strip between the garden fence and driveway that is home to a million tall weeds, too.

  4. I totally hear you! Since we got Coraline and I participated in Maker Faire, I have completely neglected the weeding. It’s a jungle out there! I keep hoping to make time to do it, but it’s also been in the 90s and extremely humid almost every day lately, and I’m not willing to get heatstroke. 🙂 Here’s to being okay with weeds, at least to a certain extent. 🙂


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