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I’m as Corny as Kansas

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Corn farmers we are not. This is the second year in a row that we’ve tried to grow corn and not done well.  Actually, the corn has grown just fine (for the most part.) Last year’s grew quite tall, this year’s I noticed looked like it stopped growing a little while ago.  When I saw a squirrel perched on the garden post chowing down on a tasseled ear I thought perhaps they were ready.
Corn Thief
So I went and picked my own.
Peewee corn
We tasted it. I asked Tabby, “how is it?” to which she responded “mushy.”  Mushy indeed.
Tabby tastes the corn
Why does our corn not have flavor and is mealy?? Fortunately delicious local sweet corn abounds.  I think next year I would rather use the garden bed space for something different.

Paul treated himself to something he’s been wanting for quite a while-a windmill.  It’s 12 foot tall, so quite big.  The question is, where to put it? I’m really not certain where you place these things.  I’m sure I”ll be taking a million pictures of it, though.


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