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Back to School Harvest Quilt-Finished!

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Back to School Harvest Quilt
W-hoo! I took the final stitches in this quilt last night.  It definitely took longer than I expected it to, but that’s not really the fault of the quilt, it was just my pokiness in working on it. I am very thrilled with the end result-I just love it!

I made this quilt the same way that I made the quilt for my friend, Megan. Basically I liked hers so much I wanted one for myself.  I have it in my head that I will make a quilt in this style for at least three of the season.

Since this was one for autumn I began by searching through all my fabrics for pieces that were brown/gold/orangey–things that would evoke autumn and changing leaves.  I was wary of having the quilt look too brown-orange 1970s and I’m happy to say I believe I avoided that completely.  I did buy some new fabrics to add, but the bulk of it came from my stash.
Back to School Harvest Quilt
 What really worked and added a lot of whimsy to the quilt were the pieces of novelty schoolhouse fabric a friend gave me, and the package of repro vintage scotties/children/plaid in reds, blues, and yellows. I fussy cut the schoolhouse pieces and when I laid out my strips placed my favorite-the two smiling schoolgirls-right in the middle.

Back to School Harvest Quilt
  I was delighted to be able to add in a few pieces from the Farmdale collection I had used for aprons (chickens).  I also added a bit of texture with some pieces of corduroy-chocolate brown with blue polka dots.  That fabric came from the dress I made Tabby for Thanksgiving two years ago. I think that’s what is making this quilt so nice-the bits of red and blue work really well and are not totally expected.
Back to School Harvest Quilt
 Oh, I was also happy to use the large tangerine polka dots. And finally, I also added a few pieces of green to represent the leaves that haven’t turned yet.

The binding and border fabric I purchased specifically for this and I really like both of them.  For the binding I included one piece of a brighter print on each side for a little pop of color (and placed them deliberately not in the center.)
Back to School Harvest Quilt

As for the backing. Oh, the backing! I am so happy with the way this looks.  Originally I planned to just have it be the cream with copper twigs fabric and mostly the chocolate brown.  But then I decided to also make a couple more rows of pieces and join the light and dark with them.  Which I liked very much, but then I decided to make a little Log Cabin square and add that in, off center.  I’ve never made a log cabin square before and this was fun and I love the way it looks.

Back to School Harvest Quilt

Back to School Harvest Quilt
As for the quilting I machine quilted with a gold color thread along the seams, alternating thin and thick, beginning in the middle and working my way out.  I used a cotton batting, which I’ve not used before, and I really like the weight and feel of it.  I haven’t washed it yet, so am not sure how much it will puff up.

I really enjoyed making this quilt, specifically arranging the colors pleasingly.  I know that for many years to come it will be a pleasure to pull it out every September and enjoy a new season of tv snuggled under it.  The cats are already enjoying it 🙂

Back to School Harvest Quilt
Happy Autumn!


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  1. Looks awesome! When does the winter one come?

  2. Fabulous job! I’m VERY impressed.

  3. It looks FANTASTIC! I’m so glad the schoolroom prints found such a fabulous home; you did a great job of showcasing them. I love the backing, and the quilting (I think the cotton batting makes your quilting look great; the batting never seems like it should make the big a difference, but it really does), and the colors, and everything! Great job!

    • Thanks Pookie! I think the simple lines of quilting look surprisingly good on the back. Thank you so much for the schoolroom prints!

  4. I am so in love with this quilt! It’s so awesome in every day – your colors, your attention to the prints, your unexpected but also perfect design for the back…I could go on! Well done!

    • thank you, Anne! It’s such a simple pattern that really becomes quite striking. And is hard to mess up-the only thing thing I measured when cutting was the width of the strips.


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