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A Flurry of Baking and Gardening

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Well, same apples, just doing more with them. We had a good weekend and made good progress on the fall gardening.  I spread more of the mulch around and my peonies and Beverly Sills iris arrived, and I planted them as well. I decided to put one peony and the iris in the weird part to the right of our front steps, and I mulched and bordered it to match the other side. I hope it thrives there and we never have to worry about that spot again.  I also began yanking everything out of the garden.  To my delight I found….
The Carrot Harvest
It’s crazy to think that I prepped the garden bed, carefully planted the seeds, watered, (didn’t weed), and finally, months later, have enough carrots to make a very small vegetable side dish for dinner that night.  Where is the bountiful crop??  How’s this for bountiful? Our raspberry crop:
A bumper crop
Fair enough, the two I ate (Tabby ate the other) were delicious.

More apple
I also did a fair amount of baking this weekend. First up, using the cool apple peeler/corer/slicer to handily slice up a few apples, which I simmered with some sugar, butter, and cinnamon.
More apple
I then used frozen puff pastry to make a few turnovers, as well as one big one.  The big one made a delicious dessert, the baked little ones went back into the freezer.  Next up, substituting apples for pears in a favorite recipe-Pear Bread with Vanilla and Ginger.
Apple Bread with Vanilla and Ginger
This is a beautiful cake/quick bread from the book The Simple Art of Quick Breads, which I love.  It’s a buttery cake with big chunks of crystallized ginger in it.  Usually anything I bake with apples has cinnamon in it, so I was pleased to try this out.  Instead of one large loaf I made to small loaves in a decorative plan, intending to put both in the freezer.  Alas, we were too tempted and ate one of the small ones.   Still, our freezer is filling up nicely with baked goods and other things.

Tomorrow is Tabby’s birthday, which means today I baked cupcakes to bring to school tomorrow. I’m excited to make the cake for her party as she finally settled on what she wanted. I’ll let it be a surprise for you 🙂 You can check out the school cupcakes at The Fairview for today’s picture of the day.


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