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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice–Tabby’s Party

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Yesterday was Tabby’s 4th birthday party.  Every time we talked about a theme she would list all the things she loves-mermaids, fairies, princesses, ponies, and dolphins.  So we decided why not just have it be a party with all those sorts of things? Paul made these darling invitations, and this awesome cutout:
The cutout
I was most pleased with the favors.  I made a drawstring bag for each girl out of either pink fairy fabric, or this pastel print.
I made pretty little drawstring bags
 We put princess stickers, glamorous rings, a candy necklace, and a little package of homemade pink marshmallows in each bag.
Tabby assembles the favors
 Each girl also got a wand.  I had ordered glittered pastel wands from Oriental Trading and then tied pretty ribbons to them.  They clearly did not fit in the bags, but that turned out to be fine because they made a lovely decoration in a tall glass jar (which happens to have rubber eyeballs, bats, and mice in the bottom-it’s a Halloween decoration.)

The girls decorated foam princess crowns with stickers and jewels,

.. we had a pink pony pinata,
the pinata frenzy

…and I did face painting.
I did face painting

The cake was a castle and I have to say it gave us a great deal of trouble.  I browsed coolest-birthday-cakes for ideas and thought it would be very easy-all about the decorating. I thought we’d have squares stacked on each other with cones for towers, but we moved pieces around and decided that a square with the middle cut out (like a real castle with a courtyard) would actually work best.  we moved the pieces around and got the basic shape, but I felt like it was overall not tall enough, plus the pieces were not level and things were falling apart and it was a mess.  It had a ton of frosting trying to hold it together and I was frankly ready to toss it all in a bowl and make cake pops. Paul worked a little trimming magic, we put it in the fridge and went to bed.  I hoped for a Project Runway moment-you know, where the contestant leaves the workroom in tears but comes back the next day, redesigns the whole thing and wins. Oh, I should mention that adding to all this excitement is that we had company Friday night and Saturday morning Paul and I were running a 5K race (we did great!)  So, back from the race the next day we pulled out the cake, made more frosting, and began smoothing the sides.  Satisfied with the shape I used Good and Plenty to outline the cake, gumdrops and other candies to decorate (the door is my favorite), and a moat of tinted blue coconut.  
Castle door
The towers were indeed ice cream cones.  We made them sparkly by lightly frosting them and sprinkling sparkling decorator sugar over them. And of course flags went in.
castle towers

I did not stage this cake well for a photo shoot-a cluttered kitchen counter is not a great backdrop.  Overall, it was not my best cake ever but the birthday girl loved it, so did her friends, and it tasted great. So, a success!
The castle cake

We had a lot of fun at the party and I think all the little girls had a good time.  I feel like Tabby’s birthday is the start of the holiday season because there is always something soon to look forward to-her birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  I’m already planning in my head our Christmas cookie party!


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  1. Tabby is such a lucky girl to have such artsy and crafty parents! I can’t decide which is cutest — Paul’s invite, or the door to the cake castle.

  2. What a fun party! You really went all-out and it shows – so magical!


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