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Getting Ready for Halloween

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Both kids have the opportunity to dress up on more than just Halloween, since they both have Halloween parades and parties at school, and Tabby even got to wear her costume to ballet class! This morning was Tabby’s school parade and she rocked her cute kitty cat ensemble. It may be the easiest costume I’ve ever put together: black tights, black leotard, purchased headband with ears, and I made a tail. It seems to be a thing in Tabby’s class that the other moms all provided little goody bags and treats for all the holidays.  I’ve never done that before because, well, no one in Clark’s classes did it. But knowing that last year they always did it I figured that this year perhaps I should give something out, too.  I had just seen a recipe on the King Arthur blog for caramel corn and wanted to try it out, so this was a good excuse.  I have a good supply of cellophane bags, which instantly elevates any treat into an adorable treat 🙂  I think it came out delicious, though the caramel sticks to your teeth a bit.  I put a nice handful in each bag and made a little tag to staple on to the top. Voila! A nice treat.

I’m frankly a bit of a grouch about the pictures because I feel like these school programs are such a big deal and the pictures always come out terribly.  The lighting in the church makes it hard to get a good shot, and everyone crowds around in the aisle afterwards, and during the program people are standing up and basically most of our pictures have people’s arms in them. So yeah, I’m a total grouch about that.  Oh well, as long as I have a nice memory of it.

And this morning Clark had his Halloween parade at school.  He was dressed as a ninja (sadly, without weapons, because you are not allowed to have any weapons as part of your costume there.) So that meant he was basically wearing black pants, black shirt, a ninja hood, and a throwing star around his waist.  I saw many other ninjas who definitely looked more ninja-y and I hope he didn’t notice and feel bad. I’m having one of those parental moments of desperately hoping my kid doesn’t feel weird.  I’d have to say, looking at the parade, that it seems like hardly anyone makes a costume anymore. All the fancy ninjas were store bought costumes.  What can I say? I still like just putting something together. Also bummed that I hardly got any good pictures and I missed the group picture opportunity (um, maybe they should announce that they’ll do that??)

I like the way the fierce ninja was casually walking with his hands in his pockets. Here he is again:

This weekend is our final chance to get out to the pumpkin picking farm for one of my favorite annual activities. The first slushy snow is predicted for tomorrow, so I don’t anticipate the usual bright oranges and blues that I so love.  And Monday will be the real costuming and trick-or-treating merry fun, hooray!

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