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2011 Christmas Cookie Party

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We had a lovely gathering this afternoon with friends and lots of cookies.  Each person brings a batch of homemade cookies and then we all eat and drink and mingle (we provided some savory snacks, too) and then vote for our favorites. This year we did things a little differently. In the spirit of the holiday season we voted with cash (up to you how much!) I hung envelopes on ribbons against the wall and then people tucked money into the envelopes of the cookies they liked best.  At the end I added it up and the winner (cookie with the most cash) was…..
2011 Christmas Cookie Party
Mary Lynn’s Nocciolini! A delicate sandwich cookie with a nutella filling. This is not Mary Lynn’s first win-she’s been a first place winner before, so she is quite talented at making things people like! The winner takes the sum total of money and donates it to the charity of her choice. She chose to give the $107 to her local animal shelter.  I like to make special prizes, too, though, so ML got one of the Christmas stars hot pads, and Melissa, the runner up with Chocolate Espresso Snowflakes, got the lovely Christmas oven mitt. Well done, ladies!
2011 Christmas Cookie Party
All the cookies were delicious.  Would you believe three people brought varieties of chocolatey crinkle cookies? These Black Forest Crinkles were my favorite:
2011 Christmas Cookie Party

A special treat was Santa’s appearance on the local fire engine.  This year he happened to come by while it was still light out, and I’m sure he was surprised to find quite so many children at our house.  It was totally magical how excited they all were.  Although she’s blurry, look at how gleeful Tabby is as she races to him.
2011 Christmas Cookie Party
And after he doled out the candy canes and she called out to him “Santa! Santa! You should keep a candy cane for yourself!” Wasn’t that so sweet?
2011 Christmas Cookie Party

Cookies, friends, a cozy fire, my party dress, a trimmed tree, a viewing of Frosty and looking forward to the Rockettes tomorrow–I’m definitely feeling festive and in the Christmas spirit now!


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