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A Christmas Party Frock

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The Red Sateen Party Frock!
I’ve been following this blog, A Dress a Day, for a while and the author is always making up this dress. It looks so lovely that I decided to buy the pattern myself-Vintage Vogue 8728.  It was on sale for $4 so how could I resist? Once I got it and started looking at fabrics (this was back in November) I decided that a beautiful shiny cherry red sateen would make it a lovely party dress, perfect for the holidays. I have to say, I’m pretty thrilled with this and it’s the nicest thing I ever made myself.  I love the vintage style and the generously gathered bust area, and I especially like the curved high fitted waist. (huh I just went back and read A Dress a Day’s tips and wish I had earlier. The neckline/shoulders were a bit wide for me-she suggests cutting them a size smaller, especially if you don’t put in shoulder pads, which the pattern actually calls for. So there you go, next time around I will have the shoulders fit me a bit better.) (and p.s. bear with me and be kind-these are not the best pictures of me, but I really wanted to get the dress up here!)

Of course this calls out for a Christmas brooch, preferably with lots of sparkle. Because it didn’t occur to me to check vintage Etsy until a few days before wearing the dress I had to content myself with picking out something at a nearby store. I think the sparkly tree works just fine.

The Red Sateen Party Frock!
I wore the dress today for our Christmas party and I have to say, I felt smashing in it. I wore it with shiny black patent square toed heels, a sparkly brooch, and sparkly earrings. It had a nice full skirt and the fabric was perfectly shiny. I’m looking forward to trying this with lightweight cottons for spring/summer.
The Red Sateen Party Frock!


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